Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takin care of bid-ness

Time sure flies when we're havin fun, or working too hard. I have health insurance through work and it's quite a good plan. So good, they mail my doctor letters about me and call me at home on a regular basis.

They also send to me pamphlets and reading materials in the mail about medical issues I don't have...(which of course scares the livin daylights outta me and has me drafting to Daddio a last Will and Testament).

A recent visit to the doctor had him flipping through my chart and mentioning that the insurance company had sent him a note asking him to remind me to get my mamogram.

And my pap smear.

And an eye exam.

And a blood test.


(Isn't that what your mother is for???)

Well, I've done most everything they've asked, and more.

But I guess most everything is not enough, because yesterday they called and left another lenghty message reminding me that I still haven't gotten the mamogram.

And I'm still getting letters and notes in the mail about the other tests.

Oooooo-kay, apparently there is a little communication problem going on here.

And a picture really can be worth a thousand words. So I will be taking this...

with me for when I'm up close and personal with the boob vice.

And I'll add it to an email with the pictures below to be sent to the insurance company.

See, new glasses (case is proof)

And proof of my visit to Jean Gray, Nurse Practitioner, extraordinaire.  

That should do it (although, I won't hold my breath).

On a side note....
(Am I the only one that has two thoughts instantly come to mind when my feet are in those stirrups???? (1). Damn, I wish I was more flexible and better able to shave the back of my thighs and (2). I hope my gold bar Dial lives up to it's hype.)


  1. Completely unrelated to what you wrote, but I LOVE your nail polish in that photo holding the camera!

  2. didn't mention anything about the warm looking stirrups??

    I will figure out which nail polish I was wearing that day and let you know. It's an OPI shade, that I do know.

    Do you have OPI in England?

  3. Well, the stirrups DO look very inviting ...

    I don't know OPI but then again I'm not exactly up with the latest make up brands. I googled them, and the top UK results were for Office Products International, or Oxford Policy Institute, so I'm guessing they're not a high street name here! Still, I bet I can buy online, and I'm obsessive about new nail colours, so let me know :)


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