Monday, April 19, 2010

In the know....

Listen to what you know, instead of what you fear.

What a powerful quote by author Richard Bach.

How many of us do exactly that, listen to our fears and let them guide us?

I know I do.

What about what you think you know?

Does that count?

Should it?

I think I know lots of things...and that is where the fear comes in.

Do you really know?

Or do you just think you know?

And how do you know the difference?

Trust, says Marianne Williamson, is short hand for going with the flow.

So I guess I simply have to trust what I think it is that I know I know.

And stop letting fear be my guide.

Start going with the flow.

That doesn't mean that I would ever be stupid enough to sky dive to overcome my fear of heights.

Or befriend a spider or a bee.

I know I'm too fearful for that.

Please come tomorrow back (my grandfather's silly made up sentence) for Part Two...Fearing what you know.

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