Friday, April 16, 2010

50 going on 12.....

I'll admit it. I have the maturity level of a tween when it comes to my sense of humor. I laugh so hard I almost pee my pants when I watch shows like MTV's Boiling Point or that goofy new Silent Library. In case you don't indulge in that kind of absolutely pointless television viewing and have no idea what I'm talking about I'll give it to you in a nutshell.

Silent Library has 6 college age kids sitting around a table. They have a shuffled deck of cards laid face down on the table in front of them. They each draw one. Five of the cards are safe. The unlucky one who draws the sixth card is given a challenge.

The challenges are each more gawd awful than the last. The group must not make too much noise while the challenge is being completed. The person who is completing the challenge must not yelp in pain, nor gather any attention when they gag or vomit and the other five can't laugh too loudly.

If they complete the challenge and don't disturb the other library patrons they earn money.

Some of the stuff is really gross and honestly a real true grown up would not watch for more than about a minute before changing the channel.

Me, I sit perched on the arm of the couch and cackle till I almost go over the side...I've sat that way through two or three episodes in a row without realizing that I've just spent an hour and a half watching some kid complete the Foot Bowl challenge, eating soup out of an old man's stinky shoe,  or the Sweet Red Corn challenge in which the player has 30 seconds to eat a lipstick covered corn on the cob.

Seriously, I do have better things to do.

Like hide in the pantry and lay in wait for Daddio.

Or turn all the hot water off when Bear is showering.

Or put makeup on the dog...

Which made me laugh so hard that I did pee my pants (thank God for Depends).

Then I started thinking that she looked like someone....I racked my brain trying to think of who.

Which got me laughing even harder when I finally figured it out.

I called the pooch Nora all day long and I could hardly contain my excitement waiting for my family members to notice her pretty new eyebrows.

Bear went all grownup on me and got mad claiming he could tell the pooch was suffering from a great indignation at being the butt of my joke.

He made me clean her up.

Grownups...they ruin all the fun.

*(Hey...just in case your bloomers may have gotten in a bunch thinking I hurt my precious pooch I want you to know that I used a very soft makeup brush and she sat there like a good girl and let me do no animals were harmed in the process.)


  1. Dear PBB: I had thought for many years that you were "different" especially when you tormented your brother and sister!!!Now I know for sure.. I laughed myself sick at the picture of "the Cherizo".. I forwarded this one to GG. LOL MOM

  2. They deserved every thing they got and you know it (teee-heeee).

  3. ah yes. I have heard stories of such torment ("the treatment" comes to mind) Frankly, that pooch should be happy she only got some make-up on ;) Anyway, what girl doesn't want perfect eyebrows?? I bet she felt pretty...maybe ;)

  4. hahahahah "the treatment" yes, the perfect torture and no bruises left behind to show mum and dad. xoxoxo

  5. Poor puppy - that is so funny.. I'm glad I'm not the only "mature" adult to pee her pants from laughing too hard..

    Love to you

  6. Kelly...I love to laugh, so I pay the price.

    Thanks for visiting!!! And for the comment.


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