Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Houston, I think we have a problem....

"Psssst, hey...you up there"

"Excuse me, yooo-hooo....down here"

"Pardon the interruption , it appears I have a
 rather large problem and desperately need your assistance"

Of course....now I get it...

Please don't think we starve this pooch (she eats like a Doberman).
I've nicknamed her "Brickhouse". She is a perfect rectangle.

She's a quick study, taking lessons from the kids.
Using the broken record technique and her big brown eyes.
And I become putty in her paws.

And really, can you blame me?


  1. Those eyes, absolutely irresistible. I'll have to try the cute 'nose between the paws' technique when I want something at home!

  2. I love that little dog to pieces...and you know, you may have a point about the "nose between the paws" technique. ;-)

  3. Sadly my nose isn't nearly as cute as hers!

  4. Mine either, it looks more like Ruby's piglet nose. ;-)


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