Friday, April 2, 2010

dun-dun! dun-dun! dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun.....

What, may I ask, is up with all the ladybugs?

They buzz around my lights and scare me half to death when I catch one out of the corner of my eye.

They have infiltrated my house. And made an attempt toward my body.

I kid you not.... one landed on my bare behind yesterday.

It almost hit my crack. Literally, it almost hit my crack!!!

Fresh from my shower and wearing just a towel, I bent to get a sock off the bathroom floor. Suddenly and without warning I felt something tap my butt...I swiped at the source and didn't care one nanosecond when the culprit hit the ground with a click.

The little bugger went turtle on me and drew its thread thin legs tight into its shell, it rolled back and forth a couple of times and then it appeared dead.

I don't like killing living creatures...with that said, one down, 15, 987 to go.

The bug faked his own death for as soon as I turned my interest away from it and toward a two inch long chin hair turtlebug righted herself and hit the road.

Daddio (who wouldn't hurt a flea) hollers at me when I kill any bug...but if he thinks that I'm going to waste precious time trying to coax the bug onto a tissue and then run it outside toward freedom he has gruel for brains.

On that rare occasion that I was able to scoop one up I was rewarded with some yellow stuff on my hand. I always assumed it was poop (scared shitless) until one of the "know it all" kids at work told me that it was blood.

Stinky yellow bug blood.

So that's why the cat won't eat them.

In ancient times, ladybugs were one of the indicators of good fortune and a bountiful harvest.

Bountiful, now that about sums it up......

Hiding on the side of my mouse.

On the kid's clothes.

Cocky, flirting with certain death.

An annoying house guest. 

Insurgents permeating every inch.
(This trickster can even walk upsidedown).

Laying in wait for the resident fan addict (Daddio who has fans running 24/7 x 365) to grab the knob.

Their bunker/burial site.

One stays on the outside as a lookout.

Teetering on the edge.

 On my hand cream...inches from my toothbrush.

Right next door to the thing I put in my mouth everyday....

Camouflage??? Yikes!!! The bug is adapting to its surroundings.

Bear tried to tell me that Hugo Stiglitz did more than just dirty his cage and run all night on his red wheel. 

Can't you just hear the Jaws theme playing in the background?

Run little bug, run.

Lucky for the bug Hugo's Attention Deficiate Disorder kicked in helping him to lose interest.
The bug took full advantage.

Hugo heard the barking dog and in a tragic turn of events he became the prey.


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  1. I just recently learned (in the Zoology class that I teach to homeschoolers) that the colors red, black and yellow are indicators to predators to stay away. The colors say, "Yuck!! I taste awful!" Hopefully Hugo won't have to go on any cardiac meds for his new heart condition. :0)


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