Thursday, April 1, 2010

A mighty sweet gesture....adds to my beautiful garden.

~ We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. ~ Walter Anderson

I received a package in the mail Tuesday.  It was sent by a new friend who happens to live halfway around the world from me in England.

(I still can't believe that I may have found a real live pen pal.... pooo-pooo-p-doo :-)

There were special instructions hand printed on the front.

I could hardly wait to open the package and dump its contents out onto a table. It was filled with candy...chocolate candy.

Like a kid at Holloween, I closely examined my mysterious loot.

Since I can't make a decision to save my soul, it was tough deciding which to sample first. But once I got started it was hard to stop.

Included in the package with my treats was a card with a warm note.

One day I plan to have a room where my computer and I shall sit surrounded by lots of my favorite things. Quotes, pictures, signs, notes, and even calendar pages that have inspired me for one reason or another.

(Googie,the sentence above the above sentence is in no way meant to hurry you out the door...honest ;-)

Anyway, I call my sentimental goodies my heart flowers.

Being a hoarding garden is absolutely packed.

When Daddio and I were in our tweens (I was 12 or so, and he was 13) he gave me a bouquet of weeds. The kind of weeds that pretend to be flowers. I pressed them between two pages of a diary that I kept at the time. I wrote in there that he'd come to visit and had plucked the flowers from my grass. It was such a sweet thing to do. It touched my heart and still does when every once in a while I pull out the old book.

In my little room I will display my weeds.

And the card that kept my chocolate company on its trip across the North Atlantic Ocean.

As much as I wish I could... I can't save everything, so many of my heart flowers linger only as memories.

For my big 4-0 birthday I was gifted a plate full of beautiful cookies. I ate only one and tried to think of a way to preserve the others. I decided to shellac them. They turned out better than I'd imagined they would. I placed them on a fancy cake dish and they hung out in my kitchen for years.

Every little kid that came over asked me if they could eat one...and they were heartbroken when I lifted the lid and let them smell the poisonous frosting.

I question (even to this day) my choice to keep the cookies...looking at them gave me pleasure for years, but they tasted soooo good, so good that more than 10 years later I can still remember exactly how good the one I ate tasted.

I learned my lesson with the cookies, I have no plans to shellac any of the candy. I plan instead to eat it all...every last bite and not share one sliver of the Maya Gold bar.

Of all the candy in the package my favorite is this organic dark chocolate bar. The kind sender included a sticky note inside the package that said " An acquired taste, but my favorite" ...sadly, the note wasn't attached to any one thing (that sticky wasn't so sticky).

 I have no idea which one she likes best.   :-(

I'm betting it's this one....

I do have some candy left..but I'm not sharing,

So don't anyone even ask.

(Many thanks to you dear pen pal for the sweets. I wanted to let you know that some flowers were planted today, in your honor. xoxo)


  1. The hens are disappointed you are not sharing.

  2. twisted my arm. You can have a bite(one).


  3. Dear Koby: Now that is a story. I wonder if I could have eaten the chocolate?????Of course I would have, who am I kidding....LOL GJAN


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