Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Great Depression.....

It's no secret times are tough all over. The entire nation is suffering through the worst economic crisis since the mid 1920's and frankly I am about over it.

Since Daddio's layoff from his job six days before this past Christmas I've come to the realization that I have been a bit spoiled. And that I sometimes waste money on trivial things. The definition of trivial is going to be different from person to person. Another man's can't live without could be a total frivolity to the next guy.

A very personal interpretation, a need certainly is.

Due to a few bucks we saved from Daddio's previously good paying job, his unemployment and my job we are doing well enough and I have no true worries that we will be out on the street or that we'll have to survive on crusts of bread and pork & beans....still though things have been a bit different around here.

In the beginning it was a bit humbling to have to start watching my pennies again...not to say that I was a spend thrift before, cause I certainly wasn't.

I did often splurge on things that made my heart sing, things like lipstick and nice hair spray.

And perfume. Lots of perfume.

They know me in Macy's at the perfume counter. They know that every few months I'm in there slipping them big bucks for the good stuff.

I try to treat myself on certain occasions like my birthday and Mother's Day (and maybe some of the other big holidays, like the First Day of Spring or the First Big Snowfall of the Year).

And when I'm not buying, I'm begging for samples. I know which saleswomen will set me up. And I stop in when I know they're working. They always slip, real slick like, a few samples of the new stuff into my bag.

They know one sniff, I'll be hooked and then back for more.

Like a drug deal on 8th street.

I can't ever seem to get enough.

Forever searching for my scent.

And so far I'm not having much success in finding that perfect signature fragrance.

It's important to me to smell like something other than just me and being the fickle, all over the place, thing that I am I continue to try new things and chase ladies down street asking them what it is that they are wearing.

In the meantime I have a few bottles of foo-foo that suit me as okay (for the moment anyway).

But I'm getting low on those.

So low that some days it feels like a true emergency.

An empty Ed Hardy.

 Only a few drops left of Paris.

Recently I've started to panic...The First Day of Spring has already gone by and I see no extra flow to feed my addiction  make a frivolous purchase.

I pride myself on being resourceful and I've devised a plan.

I'll let you know how it pans out.


  1. I bet you get some interesting offers ;)

    I was never into perfume until just a couple of years ago. Even now I only wear a light scent for men because wearing perfumes gives me a headache, although I love them on everyone else. Sigh. I have always wanted to go to a proper parfumeur and get a signature fragrance made up, all of my very own. Double sigh.

  2. Dear PPB: This article is precious.. I knew you were desperate for perfume but this takes a new high...Loved reading the blog and love you !!!!MOM


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