Friday, April 9, 2010

102 and counting....

This this is my one hundredth plus two post.

My hundred o two.

My 102nd.

I think we should have some kind of party.

A very popular blogger that I follow recently hit her 1000th post..she was smart enough to remember to note that she was getting close to that marker, she waited till the time was right and she wrote a post about it.

She made it special.

She probably doesn't have ADD.

Or a husband, or kids.

Or a job.

Maybe she just blogs all day long and forgets to even comb her hair?

When I read her post, I thought to myself...hmmm, I should write a post about my 100th post and the sense of accomplishment I feel at writing 100 times on this blog.

I'd gush on to my thousands of loyal readers just how much fun I've had and I'd tell them how much I appreciate the gift of their time and attention that they've given to this blog and to me.

And to my numerous commenters (Mom, LD and Nicola, Kelly, Lauren, Jessi, Kim :-) I would say, thanks, thanks for your helps me to feel not so nuts (as in she is talking to herself nuts).

I was so giddy with thankfulness that I wanted to rush back and write that post.

I wanted to package up some luv and boxes of really expensive virtual chocolate and mail it right off to all those who stop by regularly.

When I hurried back to my own blog home, I discovered that I missed my mark...too late to do a 100th post post.

Missed it by 2. (damnitalltohell).

 A day late Two days late and a dollar short. (Even my clich√© is a day off).

The story of my life.

Thanks for reading, if you read one, or one hundred and one two of my literary masterpieces...thanks.

I do so appreciate you.



  1. Who wants to be a sheep and follow the crowd with a typical 100th post celebration? 102 has a much more creative ring to it! Congratulations, long may she wave and God bless all who sail in her. (I think I mixed a few cliches of my own, there).

  2. I like your thinking... teeheeee

  3. I recently proposed to another blogger that blogiversaries should come with registries, showers and new towels. Mainly because my wedding towels are really wearing thin.

    Congrats! 102 is a great place to be. Also, my word verification is Rulem, as in You Rulem!

  4. Hilarious...yes I would so love to celebrate mu Blogiversary, my towels are the pits. :-)
    Would it be in poor taste to register for perfume?

  5. Wow!!! 102! That is great. Yes, there are those of us out there who do look forward to reading what you have written....even after 102 times. Yes, it would be in poor taste to register for perfume, no matter how broke you are. :-D

  6. Sigh... I thought it probably was. But then no one has ever accused me of being tasteful, now have they?


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