Friday, May 14, 2010

TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're in DEEP!!!!

OhhhhMy(freakin) happened again, twice in fifteen days.

The phone started ringing in the middle of the night.

Last time I reported an incident such as this I told of walking across Daddio and the covers Jesus lizard style.

This time, I was a cartoon scaredy cat that blew up and out the ceiling, paws spread east and west...with every hair at attention.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE PHONE IS RINGING" I screamed at slumbering Daddio.

3:48 in the freakin morning the phone was ringing.

Once again, my eyes struggled to see who it was that was calling.

I determined by glancing at the number that it was our oldest son.

Had to be trouble.

At 3:48 in the morning there is no other reason to call your parent's home unless you're in trouble.

I ran to the bathroom. I had to pee or puke.

Okay, I'm being a bit overdramatic.

I ran to pee and to not be in the room when Daddio figured out what the caller's problem was.

A wait like that can be compared to dry heaving.

"Hello, HELLO, HELLLLLL-OOOOO" I could hear Daddio saying.

I went back to my room and Daddio.

Per his request I flipped on the light.

He hit the phone log button and returned the caller's call.

I ran back out of the room.

I could hear him talking and saying things like "Who is this?" and "What is your last name" and then I heard him say something like "This is mumble mumble mumble's DAD".

Oh my Sweeeet Jesus!!!!....SOMEONE was calling from The Sweet Prince Buttercup's cell phone.....

In 0.05 seconds I had Buttercup robbed, drugged, tied up and attempted raped by the bad guys that stole his phone (the ones brazen enough to answer his phone and hold a conversation with Daddio at 3:48 in the morning).

When I found the courage to peek around the corner into our bedroom Daddio had hung up and was shaking his head....

"It was Trouble (Googie's fiance')" Daddio said "it sounded like he was sleeping. He had no idea he called and was confused. I asked him who he was and he said his name. Then I asked him his last name. When I told him he'd called our house he had no explanation. He said he was very sorry".

Soooo Trouble....we need to have a little chat.

You'd better put that phone of yours on some kind of key lock, or make sure when you go to sleep that it never, ever has our house phone number as the last place you called.

We are not the kind of people that take middle of the night butt calls lightly.

You are damned lucky you are so incredibly cute and kind.

I'm just sayin....

PS...This is nothing that a bouquet of purple (or yellow) tulips and a bottle of Jimmy Beam couldn't help to erase.

PSS....I'm just kidding.

Trouble, when he wasn't in any.

PSS... I layed wide eyed awake and faint of heart wishing I could go back to sleep and wondering if it would be terribly unmotherly to not have a functioning phone in my bedroom at night?

I'll have to think more about that.

Happy Friday.. xoxo


  1. Ahhh!!! I am so sorry!!! I seriously have no idea how that happened. When Daddio called me back I was so confused...I was thinking what time is it and why the heck is he calling me at this time in the morning...I thought something was wrong! Oh well...I am sure we will be laughing about this soon...hopefully!

  2. Dear Koby: I was awakened at 3am and heard my brother John's voice saying " are you sure you have gotten all of the Cancer? How is she, can we go and see her?" He had a very worried tone to his voice. I answered the phone and when I realized John couldn't hear me all kinds of awful things went through my mind...I screamed into the phone, yelling John as loud as I could...He later said he could hear this cartoon voice yelling his name and realized it was coming from his phone.. We finally spoke and he decided that somehow he must have dialed me by sitting on the phone or something even more bizarre. He was at the hospital with his wife's sister Jenene and she just had had cancer surgery... I remember the panic and horror I felt.. Thanks for putting the fear in such a fun way... LOL Mom

  3. Oh...this can be so frustrating and scary...
    imagine if that happened to Tiger Woods while he was...LOL
    Glad everything is fine...


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