Monday, May 24, 2010

Secrets, lies, and a damn good coffee cake....

I went to a meeting this past Friday morning. It was a steering committee meeting. (lots of e's in that sentence)...I'll explain soon what this steering committee is all about.

In the meantime suffice it to say that Beth Gump has been invited to be a member, WHY she has been invited is one of the great mysteries of her life....HOW she can pretend to fit in, may be another.


I hope this young woman hangs around for a long time. She makes my boy a better person (which is saying a lot since I already think the kid is the shit).

I pass this sign every day on my way to work. It used to identify a busy, bustling with life hospital which is no more...a victim of this crappy economy.

The parking lot, long untended is getting weed filled and littered with bits of trash.

But the sign gives me a feeling of hope and optimism.

GOD BLESS AMERICA....a surprising, unexpected, beautiful message in a dreary cold moment in time.

Kind of like a rose in December.


1. Baby's got back.
2. Yoga pants look good on everyone.
3. The family curse of "no butt" aka "pancake ass" has (thankfully) passed Googie by.
4. It's a sin to burn perfectly good clothing.

(Disclaimer...Googie does have back. This is how she looks every week when she's bringing her sleeping quarters up to white glove perfect.)

A few short weeks from now I will be perfectly fine sitting in a stuffy high school gym high in the bleachers watching as my last baby walks across a decorated stage and accepts his diploma.

I won't tear up or embarrass anybody by crying my heart out.  Big, gulping, body racking sobs won't cause those around me to squirm (or Daddio to threaten to pop me one in the nose), no I won't do that least not out loud I won't.

Photo by Kathleen Foulkrod of Heartstrings Photography

I know I mentioned something in the title of this post about a damn good coffee cake...not only did I leave the recipe at work, but I'm sitting here over my keyboard with leaking eyes and a boogery nose soooo I must excuse myself quick like and find some Kleenex.

Please, come tomorrow back for that recipe and a virtual bite.

And have yourself a merry little Monday....(i really really hate mondays).


  1. Robert John!!!!! That is the sweetest little guys picture I have seen of him. On this end, I think I will probably be the one embarrassing myself and those around me while sitting in the dark, musty city auditorium. At least it will be dark. Maybe they will think it is Aub. Where did all the babies go?

  2. What a funny post! Sweet, sweet little boy. Where does the time go?

  3. Where does it go is right Jenny...sniffle.

  4. Bittersweet, but at the same time as you're gulping down those huge sobs you should be giving yourself a huge pat on the back for the job you've done in raising a wonderful young man.

    PS coffee cake? yes yes yes please! Exactly what I need right now.


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