Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random firings...(Whatta a week, and it's only hump day)

Some randomness for this wonderful Wednesday....

It's been quite a wacky week so far.

Daddio YOU are the man..... (like he says, "just ask me")

It's been written (and is widely known) that Daddio is a man of many talents. He undertakes big projects. And does an amazingly good job at them.

He impresses the crap outta me that he can watch almost anything once and then do it well himself.

He watched me color other people's hair a couple of times and does mine on request. He makes less of a mess and gives a better shampoo than most of the seasoned hairdressers that I know.

I both love and hate this about him.

On Monday night I came home to find this on the garage floor,

Daddio's decided to rebuild our house.

He's not letting the fact that he doesn't know how to do masonry work deter him.

This is the side of the garage. Part of a big fence (that was attached to this) decided to blow down one day breaking some of the mortar that held the brick in place.

Daddio fretted over this each and every time we pulled into the driveway.

Telling me that this kind of crap left unattended was a loud and clear message to our neighbors that we were hillbillies.

Kroger....Our on again, off again, may be on again....

Daddio loves vinegar and oil.  As I was passing by my favorite (not) grocery store I remembered I needed a few things, including some kind of dressing for the man. I decided to suck it up and go where it was convenient, good ol Krogers...there I picked up the bottle below.

DELISH.....(and only a buck on sale).

Okay, I guess I don't need to wonder anymore
why my pants are all getting too tight

This is the coffee cake the loveables and I made in school yesterday. This morning, half of each large piece eaten.

I tried blaming everyone else for this piggish behavior but the four forks laying in the sink...and the lipstick left behind on each one of them advised me otherwise.

Every picture tells a story, don't it????

The photographs below can be simply titled "Looking at me".


Enjoy this day....

And please, do come tomorrow back.


  1. That brick block work looks fabulous. How on earth does Daddio just dive right on in to a project like that without making nine hundred trips to the DIY store, reading thirty seven books on the subject and googling the job to within an inch of its life? I'm honestly impressed.

    As for your handbag, perhaps Daddio could somehow entomb it in the new brickwork, for a future generation to discover how the 2010 woman lived?!

  2. Looking at the contents of that purse would have most wondering "who is this flake and what does she do with all that lipsitck?"


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