Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hungry?.... Eat!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago I watched, teary eyed, as my Blue Sky marched her pint sized pretty self across a stage and accepted a diploma declaring her a college graduate.

I've written before that she made the road to this moment seem effortless.

Not effortless in that she didn't suffer stomach aches and anxiety over exams and papers or look bleary eyed some mornings after staying up half the night working on homework...effortless in that it seemed like she made a couple of choices, took the proper classes and VOILA!!!.. a Bachelor Degree.

I'm filled to the gills with pride.

But Googie's not.

She's been complaining lately that she simply "settled" on a Major to get her tired butt out of college.

That she got impatient and couldn't bear the thought of being on the five or six years to graduation plan.

So she gathered all her credits, marched into her advisor's office and said "get me out of here".

And while that was an okay decision for the moment, it's left her hungry.

Hungry for more than she feels she's settled for.

I think I'm correct in saying that the hunger has always been there, she just hid it well.

Or pretended it wasn't there???

The other day Googie told me that she could return to school and get a second degree in Theater.

"One year, Mom. That's all it would take" she said, using my favorite ear to ear Times Square smile.

In the past few days she's been doing lots of research online and has even become email pen pals with a Tony Award winning actor.

Then she mentioned something about a big audition.

So big that a number of theaters would have casting people there. (These Michigan theater groups are nationally respected and pay with real cash money to those that act on their stages).

She called and asked about a slot to give it her best shot.

All filled up...sorry, they told her.

She prepared anyway.

She asked Trouble to take a couple of good head shots and she practiced a monologue.

She then drove, alone, to the audition site many miles from our home.

She didn't take her crooked mother's advice to pretend that she did have a slot and that somebody must have screwed up and forgotten to write her name down. (You know those damn stage mothers they'll say or do any-thing to get their kid's foot in a door).

Her "Motherrrrr!!!!!!!" was enough to tell me she'd do it her own way.

The right way.

She walked in and told them that she didn't have an appointment but was hoping that she would be allowed to audition.

She called to tell me that they'd let her.

And when she did, she made them laugh.

(Well of course you did darlin!!!)

She felt like she did well.

She doesn't know if they can use her for anything...but hey, she gave them some good food for thought.

Sweetheart, like the song says, I hope you 'always keep that hunger'.

I love you GOOOOOOGIE, you make my heart sing.

Googie on Times Square with her ear to ear smile.
She hates this picture, but it shows how her face looked the entire time we were in New York.


  1. Good job to your girl! :)

    Are you from Michigan? I am too! :)

  2. You gotta follow those dreams, Googie!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I had a typo in my comment :-(

    What I meant to say was Thanks kind lady commentors.. I will pass your well wishes on to my girl.

    And yes Krystal, a Michigan girl born and bred.

  5. Congratulations - what an accomplishment!

  6. Dear PPB and Googie: I just love the holy hell out of both of you . I have never seen my daughter run from anything and willing to try anything to do what she wants and needs to do...I see that Koby has never seen her daughter run from anything and also willing to try anything to do what she wants and needs to do.. Way to go Darling Girls...LOL Ms Moose

  7. Sorry for these late comments on past posts, I'm catching up after a few weeks in the (work and family enforced) wilderness!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say what an absolutely fantastic story this is. Your pint-sized girl is a remarkable and indomitable force to be reckoned with!


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