Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Here kitty kitty......"

Since I've been a little girl I've known it is going to happen.

I could (and can) feel it from the top of my head to the tips of my (chipped) toe(nail)s.

And everywhere in-between.

It is going to happen.

(I'm taking a page from the SECRET theory...ask the universe for it, be convinced that you are gonna get it, and it will happen).

So, as often as I can, I sneak to the Treasure Store and actively search for my destiny.

Into the jewelry case I peer...

Are you here?

Next, to the furniture department to look over old stained Lazyboy chairs and odd misshapen book cases with bad paint jobs....

Are you here??

The shelves of knick knacks takes me the longest...there are so many.

Ashtrays, cheap ceramic statues and squat, clear glass candle holders litter the shelves.

You are not here....

I sort through salt and pepper shaker sets and the old dinner plates.

I see chipped china and shot glasses a plenty...

Are you here???

Half an aisle of baskets, mostly junk.

No, you aren't here.

Ohhhh, wait a this looks interesting.

Etain Zinn Pewter candlestick holders...not bad at $3.99 for the pair.

Still not "The Kitty"....but I know I'm gonna find one.

I just know it.

(And in the meantime, I need to find a good hiding place for these...Daddio can sniff out treasures from the Treasure Store like a dog after a peanut butter filled plastic bone.

He swears that soon he is going to clean house and take my all my treasures back to the Salvation Army...where he is convinced I will just buy them back again.)

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