Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, (don't let the door hit you in the ass). usual.

Daddio is playing a gig tonight. He refers to the place as a "Biker Bar". That means his blushing bride (moi') won't be there with him. No, I'll be curled up in a ball on the davenport (Grandma Soph's silly word for couch) reading a good book or watching a chick flick . Probably not the whole thing, I tend to start to drift off after the opening credits. A really annoying consequence of my early awakening each morning.

I'll miss Daddio loads, we've celebrated 35 New Years' Eves together....(even if many of those nights have found us not in a liplock at midnight, but instead sawing logs in perfect harmony. They were wonderful none the less).

I'm always sad to see a year end...even if I thought it to have been a horrible year.

That stupid song Auld Lang Syne never fails to make me teary eyed.

And Dick Clark creeps me out. I think he's traded his blood for Formaldehyde.

I wish my offspring were little and tucked into their beds at nine, safe and sound.

Or celebrating next to me.

Sparkling grape juice, confetti poppers and beautiful children bid adieu to 1999 and hello to 2000. your cup half empty or half full?

What will you be thinking tonight at the stroke of midnight?


And while I really hate surprises and being out of control I'll decide to be content for another year to sit in my little boat and ride the white water rapids that are my life. I'll wear my life jacket (faith) and I'll use my paddle (hope & perseverance ) and I'll take every morsel and moment of sunshine (love, laughter & friendship) that touches my nose and warms my toes and try to live in the moment.

PS. I hope Daddio doesn't get picked up by any chicks that look like this.....

Why would he when he has this.....

at home waiting for him????

Happy New Year!!!!

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