Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It is hard....

to really truly hate winter when it can be so utterly beautiful.

Note (Prayer) to my (our) Heavenly Father..."Dear Lord please can you hold off on sending any of this stuff to the lovely state of Michigan until the 24th of December? And please Sir, could you make it be after the hour of 9pm on that date so that I know my loved ones are safe and sound and cozy in their homes and not driving down some crazy freeway with a bunch of people drunk from Christmas parties? That would be wonderful. Thanks in advance....xoxoxxoxoxo


  1. Dear PPB: Loved the picture. Did you photo it? Snow sadly to say is on its way...To you !!!! We had some fall near us too. Everyone here in Ca think it is FUN to be in such stuff... BRRRRR I would like to send them to Mi for a few days after a BIG snow storm... Love your BLOG and LOVE YOU

  2. Wow.. that photo is really stunning. I'm always so conflicted about snow. On one hand, I love it. On the other, I HATE driving in it. It's toss up every time. :)


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