Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three hen tales in one….

Tale #1

Helping Shu Shu over the hump.....

“Not so great” was the answer my sister gave me when I called her two days ago to check in and asked her “how’s life”.

“My pooch got hit by a car and died yesterday” she said with a choke.

This is the second dog she’s lost to a mauling by a car.

And she was totally crazy nuts about this pup.

I asked her if she wanted company later that evening. She answered that that would be a good thing.

So we planned a hen with the girls.

And when we got there.....

This guy was so happy to see us he gave us lots of decaf and snacks. He was greiving too and when he asked if I thought he should get his little family a new dog I flat out said "No...not right now. Wait until it's warm out, a dog will be easier to train in the spring."

My sister just yelled "NO, NO, NO!!!"

For the moment he made a good call and stopped talking about a new dog.

I was hoping while I was there I could help to take away some of my sister's sadness.

I wanted to do this.....

But I worried that doing that may set off some waterworks.

So instead I did stuff like this….

And she laughed and snorted and probably shed a few tears, but they weren’t of the sad variety.

I wanted to give her one of these....

to remind her that there is always a rainbow after a storm.

When we left she seemed better. A lot like her old self.

She thanked us for taking her mind off of things.

Tale #2

Breezy and the Magpie.....

I watched, mesmerized as she plucked bead after bead out of her little box and placed them on the stretchy cord. I was jealous that she so easily chose the perfect color, the perfect shape. I was even more envious that she didn't have to squint or look through some ridiculous looking $2.50 drug store glasses to see them.

She didn't use a beading board for measure...or any tools other than her nimble fingers.

A true artist.

Before long it was crystal clear that she'd created a masterpiece (in this aunties' eyes anyway). One that hung so precisely it looked machine created.

She took note of my interest...(it's not like I was commenting every few seconds or salivating or anything like that).

And handed it to me when she was done...."You can have it Aunt Beth", she said with a beautiful smile.

"Magpie" her other auntie whispered to me.

Breezy...before any of us knew how talent filled she really is.

The necklace, decorating the Magpie's neck.

Tale #3

The supporting cast.....

Every hen has a few core elements...they are always (but not limited to) rich conversation, tearful hysterical laughter, name calling, sinful indulgence in tooo many pieces of chocolate and tooo many handfuls of Lays potato chips to name a few.

The true richness and value of a hen rests heavily on its attendees..they are always (but not limited to) a good audience, a non professional, yet wonderful masseuse, a hard worker or two, a few snoozers, one or two odd ball children, a much loved couple and a delightful new honorary family member.

Masseuse/Non slacker

A slacker....who some of you may recognize.

Odd ball kid #1
(Notice the silver platform tennies)

Odd ball kid #2
 (He's recently changed his middle name from Richard to (sic) Omdais)

One (sweet and kind) very much loved couple.
(Thanks for the ride and all the other nice things you do for me!!!)

A delightful new honorary family member.

All of this and a phone call from Marmie who was checking on her chickadees.....makes for a wonderful evening...

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  1. Once again capturing the moment! What a thing of beauty. May we be able to continue for many more years....even if we have to take you home every week. It was my pleasure to drive in order to be able to have your company for a few. I miss you guys and look forward to the official Christmas hen.


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