Saturday, December 5, 2009

When things runneth over......

Opening night for Googie’s show Seussical the Musical last night. She’s been doing theater for so long that I just assumed she didn’t get stage fright anymore. Watching her in and out of the bathroom all day long told me otherwise. (Sorry kid...nuthin is sacred when it comes to mom's blog).

I was frustrated that I could do nothing to help her.

My rapid fire line of questioning doesn’t usually sit real well with her on a regular day, so today, the day of opening night I try really hard not to do it.

Anything to make today easier. And her trips to the bathroom, less.

Yesterday was Trouble’s 21st birthday and Googie wanted very much to make it nice for him. She went to his house and homemade him some wonderful cinnamon/walnut/brown sugar pinwheels in the morning.

She brought a couple home..and I have to say, I was quite impressed.

Not only cute, the kid can bake too.

She’s had a few mishaps in the kitchen. Once she doubled the amount of sugar in the crust of a pie…Trouble and his parents ate it and proclaimed it “ really sweet, but very good”.

(And their noses didn't even grow a centimeter ;-)

She’s getting to be such a good baker that her dad has dropped her nickname (Ellie Mae Clampett). He gave it to her after sampling one of her made from scratch muffins that could have doubled as a hockey puck.

The day went quickly and when we were 15 minutes from leaving I asked her to come and lay down on my bed for a couple of minutes.

I put on the fan to drown out the sounds of the house, and turned off the light.

I rubbed her tiny back and shoulders. I massaged her legs and small arms.

I told her not to talk, just be still and let the stress go.

She said it helped.

I was happy that no one was sitting next to me while I watched her sing and dance.

I found myself spilling over into the seat next to me…and the seat next to that one.

My pride swelled so large and so did my heart.

I truly, seriously almost burst.

This is not how she looks in the show...this was just a silly picture she sent to me the other day with the message "Gertrude McFuzz loves you".

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  1. Super sweet, she is. I can't wait to see the show. I miss you guys. Hope we can get together soon.


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