Saturday, October 30, 2010

The exhumation.....

Ohhh this Saturday Centus was a brutal one...the subject and the 50 word limit.

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This week's prompt is in BOLD.

Using strong chains they lifted the wooden box that held the body.

Later, at the museum spectators gathered close.

The top creaked loudly as it opened.

It felt sacred seeing an unearthed body.

After 145 years, nothing more than bone and teeth.

"Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter than I thought he would be..." an onlooker remarked, forgetting about the top hat.


  1. Oh yuck. Just what I would figure a body would look like if dug up LOL. This one kinda fits in with Halloween, Ha, ha.

  2. Wait! PLEASE give me just one little bone so I can extract some DNA to prove that Lincoln suffered from Marfan syndrome. You will make so many scientists happy.

  3. Now THIS was an original take on the prompt! Really well done. This 50 word limit kicked my tail, but you rose to the challenge beautifully! Kat

  4. Really well done, perfect, and in just 50 words! :o)

  5. Nicely done. You packed a lot of story into 50 words. :-)

    My Saturday Centus

  6. As a lover of TV fictional forensics, I absolutely adored where you took this.

  7. You did an awesome job with this prompt and the 50 word limit! What a creative, clever take! My hats off to you, Koby! Well done!

  8. Love this! And perfect reading for a Halloween twilight!

    It kind of creeped me a good way!

    I was impressed with your perfect ending here. Great wrap up in so few words!

  9. This is an amazing mix of morbidity and humor. I love the last line about the top hat. Great piece.

  10. Like part of a "Bones" episode - funny and a little gross. Great job!!

  11. And I thought I strayed off the plantation with my ridiculously long sentence! This is wonderful, so creative and such a great blending of humor and the macabre.

    Great take..........cj

  12. Perfect Halloween Centus. The perfect amount of creepy.


  13. Creepy. And interesting if you can do DNA-tests. But who would want to exhume Lincoln?
    Well-balanced choice of words. Great Centus for Halloween!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC-Shake-up-post Week 26


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