Monday, October 11, 2010

I've fallen and I can't get up...(or maybe I can??)

Is today really Monday?

Did we seriously just have a weekend?

Daddio played on Saturday (in the afternoon, which is very hard on him since he really hates to be seen in the daylight, he's not a vampire or anything odd like's just that since he's a bit on the shy side he'd rather have a dark corner of a bar stage to perform on. A dark corner where he can dip and tuck when he needs to)....

Since Daddio played on Saturday afternoon we were all discombooberated (yeah, I know that isn't a real word...but this is my freakin blog and I can write whatever the frick I want to on here)

Yep, discombooberated...


whatever...(you get my drift)

Also on Saturday was a visit to this guy...

That crazy planful daughter of mine made us an appointment 6 months ago to go see this sadistic maniac...

I lost enough blood to need a transfusion...but I was cavity free.

So I guess there is something to be said about those semi-annual checkups.

No matter, even still...Saturday was a bust.

On Sunday I woke up in the worst mood.

Then it got even worse.

If that was possible.

There was no real reason for my visit and lengthy stay over at full moon, no moon blood, nothin, nadda, zilch.

So I wallowed in my (self inflicted) misery for a couple of hours.

Daddio tried to get me out of my pissiness..

He offered to let me rub his feet.

Or cook him something to eat.

He offered to let me come back to bed with him to vent or cry or talk or laugh....

I think he may have (Googie, skip the rest of this sentence) had other ideas.

Nothing like being in bed with a wet stinky diaper...?

Or a pound (or 136.5 pounds) of rotten hamburger.

I stunk.

Not in the sniffy sense.

What to do? What to do?

I wanted to wiggle from the heavy weight of my bad mood.

Unzip my bitchy suit and step out into a new attitude.

Maybe a walk would help.

I decided to take the dogs with me...they would be my disheveled self could rant and rave and pound my fist at the sky and no one would be the wiser that I wasn't just making small pet talk with the girls.

The walk started out pretty shitty crappy...

They obviously had their own agendas.

The one that resembles a brick waddled walked like one...

She'd get tired after about 6 steps (Yes, I do realize that she's a bit on the chunky side..your point is??).

I'd pick her up, and 6 six of my steps later she'd start wiggling like a fish out of water, almost slipping from my grip.

Up,down,up,down, up....down.

The other one (with the attention problem) was busy sniffin air and chasing sounds and running around my legs tangling me in her leash.

Picturing myself, I got a chuckle.

The first one of the day.

It seemed that once I decided to pick up my head I began seeing some wonderful things....

suddenly this.....

Turned into this....

and this.....

I laughed out loud when I saw this....

(plucked from my butt....??? tee hee)

I realized then that my day was one of these....

simply a work in progress.

The way it would go would be totally my choosing.

Have a stupendous Monday....
by choosing to let it be a good day!!!


  1. Love the pictures and the shift ~ a work in progress...aren't we all:)

  2. Dear PPB: I love this blog!!!! I am still grinning like an old fool!!!Thanks for the first fun filled moment of my day!!!!LOL Mom


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