Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Googie gave me a ride into work yesterday.

On the way I chattered and made observations and was, in general, my usual annoying self.

I don't think myself annoying (do we ever?)....

But I must be.

There is a little joke about people with ADD...describing how in the middle of a serious conversation they will suddenly become distracted and yell goofy stuff like "Ohhhh look there goes a chicken"...(bringing notice to some exciting visual treat)


I understand I do this... something or someone grabs my attention and my mind is off and running, chasing this new and interesting thing...could be a bird, a plane, even Superman.

At this time of year it's usually a tree,

or a bunch of trees,

that grab my attention.

Just as I was about to proclaim a roadside vision as theeee most beautiful I'd ever seen my kid started talking.

"Mother, I told one of my co-workers all about you and trees" Googie said, pulling me back from the brink of my tree-gasm.

"I told her that you probably shouldn't be driving this time of year".

"I told her you're so busy looking at pretty colored trees that you can't pay good attention to the road.".

As we drove and to get her off the subject of my tree lust I began telling a story about the author of a blog I visit.

The author has quite a mouth on her and in order to tell the story with total authenticity I had to swear.

So a string of filthy words came tumbling out.

Totally obnoxious in their filthiness.

One by one the bad words slipped from my mouth.

Streaming from my lips, pouring out with reckless abandon and just as I was building to the climax of the story Googie (suddenly and without warning) POPPED!!!!

"MOTHERRRRRRRR!!! she yelled " Eeeeeeee-NOUGH!!!


I GET IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......


HOLY CRAP!!!  I thought... "This kid is one freakin sassy m-effin smart ass" and I started to tell her so

...but then I saw some really pretty trees.

Oh my goodness you should soooo see Michigan in Autumn.

Stunning, I tell you....

simply stunning.

Just Google "Michigan in Autumn" (the above copyrighted photos were stolen right from there) and you'll see what I mean.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Dear Pretty Pretty Betsy Brown: You did it again.. I am still laughing at your story....I laugh so much at the ADD stuff...Darling Garry will never understand when I do that to him. The other day I told him that he just doesn't understand "women" language and he stated that I did not speak "woman" that I just run all over the place and he can never keep up..He refused to accept ADD as my defense..HAHAHA LOL Mom.


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