Sunday, October 3, 2010

ThE pUnK-iN pAtCh....

This post is a themed writing project challenge taken from Jenny Matlock over at off on my tangent.

Jenny says we can use UP to 100 words to tell our story. It can be fact or fiction. Unusally Jenny posts a few words, a prompt that we work from....this week she decided to shake things up and bit and she posted a picture that we will use as our prompt....

Here is the image,

They waited in staggered lines.

Their numbers too great to count.

Every size, many shapes.

The majority of them knew what their futures could hold…carvings, mashing, small fires lit and burning from within.

Morton, Illinois the self proclaimed “Pumpkin Capitol of the World” had certainly seen its share of punk-kins, but never anything like this.

A bumper crop year.

A quiet solidarity smoldering in the night.

Waiting patiently until the time was right.

The noisy crowd grew as one evening wore on.

They’d seen a sign that said “see SMASHING PUMPKINS here tonight”

Assuming it meant the rock band….


  1. Maybe they were really going to smash the pumpkins. I've seen many on the street that some ghosts and goblins smashed on the street, ha, ha!!

  2. The teenagers sure like to smash 'em in our neighborhood!

    Let's hope for the pumpkins' sake that it's the band of musicians and not the band of bored teens that roams the streets on Halloween night...


  3. Ha, what a build up for a great twist!

  4. Are you hinting to the band? That is where I went! Love it

  5. This post really is quite confusing isnt' it??

    Everyone reading will no doubt form their own opinion as to what is going on in my odd little pumpkin my mind's eye I see something from a cheesy SciFi flick where in a little turn of events the pumpkins (punk-ins) are the ones doing the "smashing" and the carving, cooking, burning...and the victims are the dummies that came looking for a concert... ;-)

    I hope our darling Jenny goes back to wordy prompts xoxo

    Thanks everyone for stoping by....I'm on my way over to your place to do a little prompt reading myself.

  6. Very funny! Great play on words. Hope some of the pumpkins survived the night.

  7. Nicely done, Koby! You've laid out an interesting tableau for us to absorb! Good thing I speak pumpkin! LOL!

  8. You are very clever and gifted with words. I especially love the reference to "punk-kins." Great piece!

  9. very nice twist! I love that people were fooled into thinking it was a concert. (Although until I read your comment, I thought it was the farmer hosting a pumpkin-smashing night not the other way around - even better!)

  10. this one does make the mind work. it could lead in so many directions

  11. What a great twist you gave this prompt! Loved it, hope the crowd didn't get too wild :) Kat

  12. I like how we could each twist and turn this little story or own way!

    What a clever thing for you to do.

    Words next you say?

    Hmmm.... I may or may not comply. ha!

    Thanks for linking.

    Great use of the prompt.


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