Monday, October 25, 2010

Bird song...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with birds. Stay in the air and let me look at you we're good. Land on something in my sight, but not too near we're good. Soar above my head and let me envision riding on your wing...we're good. As much as I like birds, it is totally on my terms. As in I wouldn't consider (ever) having a bird share my indoor living space. (Ever see Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds?) I like to call myself a bird watcher, though I'm not the kind of birdwatcher my sister Susan is...I don't have a book and I can't distingusih sounds...but I delight in watching birds. And I especially like to watch birds on wires.. Here in Michigan I get lots of bird on a wire entertainment. So while I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one spending countless minutes trying to figure out how it is that the birds usually line up on the wire with even spaces between them, or how it is decided who exactly sits solo on the top wire, the guard bird??? Hmmm, and I wonder too, are there "mean birds"? Uppity birds that don't socialize with their neighbors? Ohh, the many mysteries of our universe for those who take the time to see and to listen. I wanted to put some neat bird on a wire pictures on this blog today so I Googled "Birds on a wire"... A confirmation that there are many, many bird on a wire fans out there. One guy looked deeper...and below is what he saw, or rather heard. (Turn up your sound... :-) Jarbas Agnelli viewed a picture of birds on a wire, he noted their positions and put them to music. Tell me...will birds on a wire ever look the same to you again...???


  1. This was REALLY COOL. Thanks for sharing. Now I'll be thinking of music every time I see them on a wire (unless they are crows...then I will only be thinking of shooting them).

  2. Dear PBB: That was fun and creative too...Sorta like you !!!!LUV Mom

  3. That is awesome! Thank you for finding that!

  4. Love it Beth!! Sing like a bird after every storm

    Terry ox


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