Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday July 27, 2011... sunshine on a cloudy day

You may remember a post I wrote some time back about feeding a pair of wolves... (if you don't, you may read about it here)

On Wednesdays over at Thug High we host a piss-a-thon.

Our student body (and the rest of the baby criminals in the community) take a watched wizzle dripple they deposit into a small cup.

The specimen collected is then tested for evidence of foul play (drugs) and a full report to the Probation Officers (and to others who give a crap) follows...

This past Wednesday, like most every other Wednesday the hallway where the youth wait in line for a turn to piddle was filled with a majority of young men.

The male youth dress in wife-beater t-shirts (the better to display the tats, yo),

their female counterparts barely dress (the better to display the tatas and the butt cracks, yo),

and of course, a host of juvenile justice staff dressed in "I wanna slap each one-a-u upside the head" were there to supervise the social gathering of some of our area's "worst".

Often I visit the drug screen line to see some of my favorite loveables, other times, they come to see me in our Culinary Arts classroom (otherwise known as the small kitchen)...

I love to hear that they're doing well.

Lovely pictures of current life status', painted to impress, often do.

But are they real?

... mostly not, I've come to learn.

So the lovable that I wrote about in the post about the wolves fighting came to see me a few weeks back... his demeanor backed up his declaration of finally "getting it" ...

I was happy and proud of this lovable (and possibly former..?) thug....

Yesterday, after drug screens, staff got word of a beating behind one of our buildings.

A homeless man was beaten on the head with a whiskey bottle.

I understand that he was escorted into the safety of our building by a former employee when he was found in the parking lot.

I was told he was bleeding profusely and the cut was down to the bone.

Four of our youth are suspected in the attack.

One of those youths is the one I told you about in the post of the fighting wolves.

That I could think that a little story told in the back of a small kitchen created an "ah ha" moment that would would last more than...a moment.... was pretty stupid on my part, yo.

Also on Wednesday a darling dear niece gave birth to a healthy son....

And I am filled with hope for this little man sent to from above to be brought up by a wonderful family all who feed the good wolf.

God is good.

(and I won't say "yo" cause dat could be misconstrued as dissin... yo)

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  1. Don't give up on the story's. Hopefully, in the future the story will come back to him and he will get it.


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