Monday, August 1, 2011

Too pooped to ponder....

Yesterday was a most unusual day.

Daddio and I used all of our daylight hours flopping around the house.

From the couch, to the bed, to the living room floor.

"What can we do?" Daddio asked at least 100 times.

"What can we do?" I answered 101 times.

"How bout .....?"

"Nah, too hot."

"How bout...?"

"Too hot for that too..."

"What about...?"


It has been hot people... too hot to do just about anything but lay around and complain about how hot it is.

Is it my imagination or does it get hotter than it used to get...?

Or is it just a condition of aging...?

Temperature extremes too much for the old folks...?

We were a bit hard on ourselves yesterday, poor Daddio and me.

Mad that we wasted the day.

At one point we decided to make a move from the couch to venture out into the elements and onto our backyard deck.

Sitting ducks in the dreadful heat we both sweated like fat men on a jog.

We toughed it out for as long as we could stand wiping the salty drippings off our foreheads and until Daddio and I were forced back into the house a result of my screaming (Janet Leigh/Psycho shower style) and running for my life when a huge  blue-ish black colored flying monster (later identified by Google as a Great Black Wasp) became obsessed with the chair I was sitting on.

( I can't embarrass him or myself like that..yo)

Later still bored outta our gourds we decided to venture outside once more.

I kept watch for the flying monster and the dive-bomb attack I was anticipating.

And we both lamented our totally wasted summer day.

Then I saw this.....

(Click on me if I'm too dark to see)

another summer slacker.

Hmmm, the squirrel days of summer, I kind of like that.

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