Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chewbacca in a bathing suit...?

Ohhh did I savor the nothing-to-do-ness of this past long weekend.

Each morning I sat outside on the wooden deck in our back yard to enjoy my coffee, and play on Bear's laptop.

While the rest of the world slept I listened to the sounds of the birds and watched a silly baby squirrel run up and down the tree trunk... it became a lovely relaxing routine.

Each morning, as regular as clockwork Daddio would stick his head out the door and chastise me for sitting outside half naked (in my old lady granny nighty)... "the neighbors can see you" he would say.

I'm hunkered down in an Adirondack chair and situated behind a pool (for cryin out loud)...

I'd be pretty hard to see... I argue.

"Well they probably have binoculars" he says.

"Ohhh brother..." I answer, thinking of the neighbors peeking at my sagging, 36-long never-minds.

A couple of times during my luxurious long weekend I went for a swim.. the cool blue waters of my swimming pool beckoned to me...and I was powerless to say "I don't want to mess up my hair" like I usually do.

"You can't go out there" Daddio said when he saw me suiting up "the neighbors are having a party"....

"So what?" I said back.

"They'll seeeee you" he replies.

"See me what?" I ask...

"In your bathing suit".... he answers.

It's a hard knock life here at the Playboy Mansion...where everyone is trying to get a glimpse of Hugh's half naked wife..

(that is what he meant...? right?)

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