Saturday, July 23, 2011

To read is to breath is to eat is to doze is to read a good book

I just read an amazing book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

The book was on loan from a work pal who inhales books like most people inhale air.

When my friend told me that she wanted me to read this sure to be a classic little beauty she said, (and I quote)... "I want this book back, I keep all my books. I like to re-read them"...

To read is to breathe, I get that...

To re-read, is a bit odd.

At least to me.

To my smart ass question "do you pretend to forget the ending?"... she answered "I just find something new every time I read it".

When she handed me her copy of The Help it barely looked looked at... the cover pristine, the spine unwrinkled... not a mark on any page.

I enjoy consuming books at the same time I'm consuming beef & cheese enchiladas and jelly donuts.

Greasy potato chips and Cheetoes.

Often while soaking in a hot tub.

I drip, slop and sling water and food particles on all my reading material...

Water droplets from my filling tub sprinkle them damp.

Once or twice a whole entire book has made it's way into the tub, it happened when I accidentally dozed off.

I found myself lapping up every morsel of this book, being ever so careful as not to leave any telltale marks that I'd been there (and eaten that)...

I'd cover the book with a towel while the tub filled.

Like a non-purchasing peeker in the bookstore or a 12 year old boy peeping at his dad's Playboy magazine, I barely cracked the book open for fear of creasing the spine or bending a page corner.

I literally opened it no more than an inch and kept my nose pressed into the middle, looking out, consuming lines of words using the one eye closest to the page I was reading.

Even with all these precautions taken... the book cover ended up with a big wrinkle...

(The massive poundage of my handbag sitting on an object carries quite a wallop)

I immensely enjoyed reading this gem of a book, but in the future, I'll be borrowing the bestsellers not from my re-reading friends, but from the pubic library in town.

Not to worry, they'll never catch up with the slob who physically abused their books... I used Susan (my sister, the one who doesn't read my blog) 's name, address and phone number to get the library card.



  1. I've never read this but did you know this is coming out as a movie in August? From the trailer it looks like something I would like to see, I might have to read the book as well.

  2. Hi Viki... it was such a good read, I plan to make a girls night out of seeing that movie.

    Let me know if you read it and what you think..and thanks for the visit and the comment.


  3. I read this too about a month ago. Loved it!!!! Everyone in our family has a library card and when we check out books, we usually just use the card of the one that has no fines at the time;) Glad you found "a system" for using the library that works for you too ;)

  4. Wow, I must come off very intimidating and protective of my books, haha. I'm sorry to have frightened you into being so careful ;-) But I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And this post made me chuckle!
    Your bookworm work pal


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