Monday, July 25, 2011

Love... in cookie form

Later this week the loveables and I (and a couple of armed guards...tee hee, I'm kidding) are going to feed the people at our local Ronald McDonald house.

This is going to be a hugely uncomfortable venture for me.

I started to squirm the minute I read the e-mail my supervisor sent telling us we were going to be volunteering to cook for the families living there.

Sick children, distraught parents... point me to the nearest exit, please...

My supervisor wanted to know what we could have the loveables prepare...

A taco salad bar sounded like a good solid plan.

It's an quick dish that can be easily personalized to fit all tastes and appetites.

And for dessert, I decided we'd make the delicious sugar cookies we made last Christmas.

I found the recipe on line..they're called Amish sugar cookies.

Every time we prepared the Amish sugar cookies I was asked things like "how do you know they're Amish?"... "are they authentic..?"

Who the frick knows...(and really, who the frick cares..?)

And frankly... why ask stupid questions about dessert(s) anyway?

Just shut up and eat.

In the 70's a palate pleasing dessert made the rounds at all the Tupperware parties... "Better than sex" the cake was called.

Hmmmm, that title probably brought about some interesting inquiries.

All this pointless chatter is meant to take me far away from the subject at hand...

Nourishment for the families of sick children.

Sick kids......(and their distraught parents) just typing it makes me woozy and sour in my gut.

One of the worst, the very very worst things I could think of happening to my kids has happened to their kid...

What do you say to that..?

After giving my assignment an equal amount of thought and emotional dodging the Amish sugar cookies came to mind.

I'd let the cookies do the talking for me.

They would be decorated with simple messages.





And some rainbow sprinkles, of course...

Stay tuned... more on this subject to follow.


  1. I think the families will so appreciate the efforts by you and your students. I love the idea of the words on the cookies. You are doing a wonderful thing.

  2. Dear Very Very Pretty Betsy Brown: You are such a beautiful person. What a great way to serve the parents and kids: With visable hope. I never wonder why I love and admire you so.....LOL Marmie

  3. Thanks sweet girls! xoxo I don't trust myself to say the words out loud, on a cookie they are much easier to share.


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