Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girls, girls, girls.....

For the first time ever in the history of Thug High we have more female students than we do male. 

Don't think me disloyal when I say "wow, what a pain in the ass all these chicky-babes can be".

There is drama a plenty.

And cliques tighter than a new pair of boots.

I'm asked at least 16 times before class and then again after for the keys to unlock the purse closet.

(I'm thinking of giving them each a key)

On a fragrant note, the place usually smells like cotton candy body spray... and yesterday, while I took in that delicious aroma I also eavesdropped on an eyeshadow application lesson... (BONUS)

Up close and personal I see mother figures emerging.

The ones who nurture the weak, the sick.

It's kind of nice to split the work of being the mother with these girls.

Except when they think they know more than me.

Well, there is still some kind of pecking order...whether they like it or not.

I'm Mother Superior around here.

The Head Duck, Big Mama...whatever....

Sometimes they need reminding.

Yesterday's class went so smoothly I asked the other staff if we could take the gang to 7-11 to get a free Slurpee.

I transported all girls and one guy.

It took them a minute to figure out where they were all gonna sit....  each of them ordering around the next.

The poor, poor lil ol lone rooster.

"Sit here" they ordered.

"No...he needs to sit here".

"NO... he's gonna sit back here with me" another one said.

Finally, he sat next to the most alpha of the alphas.

And we were off to get our Slurpee's.

When we got near the store I pried the fingers of the alpha radio controller off the volume button and gave them the talk...

"Don't do this, don't do that, make sure you say please and thanks"... you'd have thought I was talking to a bunch of children, rather than child-mothers.

I wasn't too sure about how things would go with so many girls...

but so far, so good.

Have a terrific Tuesday....

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  1. Dear PPB: Alias Alpha Mother etc etc: I am so glad you can enjoy these "girls" as much a the thugs.....LOL Marmia


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