Friday, July 8, 2011

What day is it...?

I'm off my square this week.. the holiday messed me up.

That and we had no loveables all week this past week.

They've been on the one and only vacation they get all year long.

I'd say boo-hoo, but I'm just not that darn nice.

In addition to being minus (I like to talk math while on vacation from Thug High) the loveable thugs, we were also minus the Internet yesterday.

"What did we ever do before we had Internet?" my best walking pal asked me later in the day when I complained about not having my world wide connection.

"What did we do when we didn't have cell phones?" I countered.

Then answered my own deep question... "had some peace, really"

"I love to go out and forget my cell phone" I continued,

"I do have a second of panic when I realize that my car could take a dump and I'd be shit outta luck without a phone.

Then I have a momentary uh-oooooh when I realize that my house could catch fire with my children left all alone...

Finally, an alarmed feeling of ho-ly mo-ly what the hell have I done? comes over me when I realize that Daddio can't reach me to say "hurry home"...

and then I do this..."

(I didn't demonstrate cause I'm kinda rusty)

PS.. (that is me with the groceries... ;-)


I want to "come back" as one of these two...

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