Monday, July 18, 2011


There comes a time in every one's life, usually sometime in your late 30's early 40's where you don't see things clearly.

Up close the whole world appears fuzzy.

And very very small.

It usually happens quite suddenly.

When you most expect to see... like needing a phone number, quick like, from the phone book that the issue strikes.

It might happen without warning at the grocery store.

You may be in the express lane and under a huge amount of pressure to quickly fish your quilted change purse from the bottom of your suitcase like carryall bag all in an attempt to dig out eighty seven cents to give the cashier.

The pressure is unbelievable.

It is then that your formerly cooperative eyes.... aren't.... anymore.

(Is that a quarter or a left over Chuck E. Cheese token?.... )

It's been quite a joke around the Koby crib... that us folks don't see very well anymore.

That we have to count on our cheater glasses from the drug store to see even the largest of objects clearly.

On the plus side...Daddio and I are forever young...through our God given (malfunctioning) looking apparatuses.... we be looking good.

I may have even told you a story about Daddio asking to borrow an old friend's coke bottle glasses...? (did I tell you that story?... )

The friend complimented me on how I hadn't changed a bit (in the 15 or so yrs since he'd last seen me)

Daddio said "Pal, I need to borrow those glasses"...

On the bright side of our age related diminishing eyesight.. Daddio complimented my "pretty toes" yesterday.

The looked as clear as they do below.

Of course anyone with any kind of decent eyesight would have seen that they are chipped up and grown out from the cuticle...

That's okay... I'll take it where I can get it.

It's MOANday... try hoping for a salt shaker, a glass and a bottle of Ta-kill-ya to add to that bag o lemons you may have been handed today (we did just have a full moon you know).

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