Monday, August 30, 2010

Flowers for me??? I do declare.....

When I was in the hospital soon after giving birth to Googie my visiting dad made a funny comment...."How does it feel to have your own real live doll?"

Wow... I hadn't really thought about it that way.

A person, a little girl person who I could dress up and play house with.

Mine, all mine.

In the hospital the nurses brought her to me with tiny bows stuck on her head.

She had about 7 dark brown hairs on top of her noggin and since they had nothing to anchor the bows onto they used K-Y Jelly.

She looked lovely.

She put up with that crap until she was able to notice that something was on her head and then she'd pull everything I put in out.

"Darn it Googie, leave it in" I used to say, hitting her wee hand with a little ball-peen hammer ( I didn't really, I was just making sure you were paying attention)

Anyway, my plan was to make my doll the most beautiful doll anyone had ever seen.

(Not that she needed my help, just sayin)

I guess she had a similar plan.

When she was two, someone (Grandma Jan perhaps??) gifted her with a pink tiara.

It was a gaudy thing, sturdy plastic with a flag of pink chiffon material that blew in the air when she walked.

She didn't go anywhere without that tiara.

She got lots of attention at the grocery store.

And the pet shop.

And the doctor's office.

Yes, my doll was that adorable.

Even in that goofy tiara, she was simply cute as hell.

I've been noticing these beautiful huge azaleas around town and a few days ago I spotted one in my neighbors back yard.

I asked him if I could have it...ballsy, I know..but I had a plan.

How sweet that would look in someone's hair, Hawaiian style.

You know Dad,  you were soooo right about the fun I would have with my own real live doll.....

"Hold still you brat, give the K-Y time to dry."

She really is a good sport.
(Thanks kid for indulging your crazy azz mother)

This freakin azz freak flower is as big as a freakin dinner plate.

Another freaky thing....

On Saturday I celebrated an First Blogiversary, I wasn't able to make myself a cake, so I stole a picture of one ( from Google Images and this website basic-yoga.mattters dot com.. Thank you basic-yoga.matters dot com for the picture)


PS...To anyone who takes a minute or two to visit this blog and read it, thank you!
 I appreciate you!
And to those who comment.. I appreciate you x's 2.


  1. Oh, I wish I had one of those ginormous flowers to stick on my baby's head.

  2. Dear PPB: (Pretty Betsy Brown, For those who do not know, has been her nick-name for many years) What a great post.. Love the pictures of "your doll"..Happy Anniversary!!!! I do so enjoy your blog and read it faithfully each and every day....I am so proud of you and the wonderful, fun filled words you share with all of us..Lots of love, Mom

  3. Happy Blogiversary!! I love love love this blog!! And thanks Jan for clearing up the PPB question. I've been wondering what that meant! :0)
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  4. Jessi...if I could package you up one and it could make the trip I would in a heartbeat. Thanks for your readership and your comment(s). xoxo

  5. Thanks Marmie...I appreciate all your support, always.xoxoxo

  6. Kim J...(I think my Marm turned the letters around should have been PBB...a silly name her grandfather gave to me)...I'm so glad I get to join you for coffee a couple of times a week..I do appreciate you too!! xoxox

  7. Ooh, I missed your blogiversary! I love coming here, thank you for making it such a wonderful place to visit. PS, is that flower REAL?!!!

  8. Thanks long distance pal...yes that flower is as real as it gets..isn't it outstanding and awesome and everything in-between??


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