Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Trouble came knockin.....

When Googie first began dating Trouble there were all kinds of things I found "wrong" with him.

Things like no tattoos and a perfectly planned out future.

I also thought him oddly well groomed and really too polite even for his own good.

Ooooookay... so the truth is that when Trouble first came knockin there was really nothing wrong with him, except for the fact that Googie was craaaaaazy nuts about him.

And that Googie was nuts about him and wanted to spend all her time with him really was the problem.

I was jelly-azz.

To the core.

So once we established the ground rules, the most important one being..."Googie loves me best and always will" things started looking up.

All kidding aside....

we've been blessed beyond belief since Trouble came knockin.

It's apparent every single day.

He stops at Krogers and buys the things I've forgotten.

He offers to run the vacuum when the Boss is on his way home and I haven't done it yet.

And he is the only one that will eat pretty much every thing that I place in front of him...and he even usually asks for seconds.

Most importantly he treats my daughter like a Queen.

On Monday Googie had to have a horrible medical test.

She choked down some poison syrup and then suffered the after effects when the syrup had to makes its way out of her tiny body.

I think it took 25 tries to get it all out.

Trouble was by her side, well, not literally....but he was there every time she exited the little girl's room.

He rubbed her back and feet (for hours) and heated up (numerous times) the bag of corn feed she uses as a heating pad to help her poor belly.

I think I called Trouble from work a total of about 10 times Monday to check on Goog.

"We're in trouble Trouble when she goes into labor you know" I told him, looking forward to a future pregnancy.

I was referring to me driving him nuts.

He never acts like I drive him nuts.

Which earns him major brownie points.

In the fridge the day after the test I saw a beautiful long stemmed red rose, it had a stem of baby's breath with it and was wrapped in pretty flowered paper.

I asked Googie about it on the phone "Trouble brought it for me. He also got me a candy bar and some Gatorade, for after the test".

Daddio and our men children like Trouble too.... his treatment of their "girls" (that includes me) makes it impossible not to like him.

When Trouble first came knockin and they would leave for a date I would give him a little warning "Ummm, not a hair had better be harmed". had better take damn good care of my girl.

Now when they leave I just look at him and say one word "Trouble....."

and he responds " not a hair".

Who would have thought when Trouble came knockin that it would be a good thing???

Googie is one lucky girl that's for sure.

And so are Daddio and I.

We love Trouble and are very very blessed that out of all the families that he could have joined it was ours he picked.

(PS to Trouble who reads each and every blog post I write and even lets me know when I get a new follower... "You are a true true blessing to our family and we appreciate you more than words can say, I hope you know that.")

(PSS I'm slowly getting used to sharing Googie, and it's truly truly not as bad as I thought it would be).


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