Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little women......

Saturday Centus time, a themed writing meme. The challenge is to write 100 words to add to the prompt started by Jenny Matlock from off on my tangent.

The writing prompt is in (bold) itallics...

I tipped into the muffled conversation, moving my body toward it.

“ I can‘t have any ice cream , I’m dieting” the blonde one said. “I’m waaaaaaay too fat already”.

“Yeah” said the other “I love chocolate so much, but I don’t want to be fat like a pig.”

“I like your eye shadow” the blonde one said.

“It’s the color of the belly button ring I want” the other one said.

“Did you do it yet?” the blonde one asked

“Maybe today” the other one answered “I want it before school starts back”.

I listened to them from my perch on the top step and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry...

They were, maybe, 11 years old.


  1. It is a sad state... kids grow up way too fast these days... My daughter is twelve and I watch the conversations she has with her friends... and the scariest thing is some of them are already depressed and talking suicide... at twelve....
    I hope you get a chance to overhear some of the really positive convos though - they keep me going! Stopping by from the LBS tea party and a new follower

  2. That is a great piece based on your writing prompt! I'm impressed. :)

    Visiting from the LBS Social Tea. Have a great day!

  3. Surprising little tale...I love the title to go with it too.

  4. School's back in session...nice job ;-) Peace and blessings

  5. Oh Lord ... I think the proper reaction is to cry ... lots of tears! Well done!

  6. Thank goodness it's against the law to pierce young navels...the poor things will have to wait until at least 16, if not 18, in most states.

    What happened to childhood?

  7. You have captured the way I react to so many young kids today so well! WE used to be like that when we were 14 and 15...even 16. Today it is 11 year olds and 10 year olds!

  8. Boy, I"m feelin' ya on this one! Great job, and a unique direction to take.


  9. Killer post! Absolutely spot on.

  10. What a relative post for these times. It's a shame that that's how some kids think at such an early age now. Great job.

  11. woooo..stepping in from the Tea Party. I just LOVE the title of your blog and reading your claimed 'crap' ain't all crap :p I like it. haha.

  12. Boy, you really nailed this one. I like your take on the prompt, even if it is sadly too true. I actually saw a little girl the other day, probably 10 or 11, with a t-shirt that said "future pole dancer". Are you kidding me?

  13. Your story resonated truth. Kids grow up fast with so many insecurities and an urgent desire to be accepted. A nice slice of life of modern day "tweens"!


  14. Great story! And yes, all too true I'm afraid! But as the saying goes, that's progress! LOL!

  15. Hey, I'm here from Lady Blogger Tea Party...

    Creative use of the writing prompt!

    But I think the definite proper response is to cry...

    I am so sad that young girls think they're fat and the media does everything to reinforce those thoughts.

    -Elizabeth @ Permanently at Lunch

  16. Ouch! Why can't little girls just be, well, little girls? I thank God every day that my 15 year old granddaughter only has holes in her ear lobes and is athletic and has a strong and healthy body not skin and bones.

    Great take..........cj

  17. Oh, I see these little girls, too. What will they be like in five years time!

    What a thought provoking use of this prompt.

    Really well done.


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