Tuesday, April 10, 2012

May I please speak for many in Detroit and say "I'm sorry".

Well Detroit was all over the news again today...people all over the country saw the same shameful thing.

A hacked road sign that called a dead child a nig*er.

I wasn't there when the child, Trayvon Martin (a 17-year-old from Miami Gardens, Fla) died, so I have no idea why he was killed...?

How it happened?

Was he the aggressor?

The victim of an overzealous neighborhood vigilante...?

The courts will be deciding that, I guess.

Either way a boy is dead.

And a mother mourns.

As for me,  I'm ashamed of the person(s) who choose to make a mockery of the whole sad situation and in the process made the "D" look pretty bad.

A boy is dead and his mother mourns and an entire people are insulted.

Trouble after trouble that's what that's called.

Emotions are raw and people will react and where will that get us?

The wrongness of it on every level is nothing short of pathetic.

A boy is dead, and some continue to hurt him and his.

And as a mother, a human being, that hurts me too. 

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