Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Billy Jack(ie).... A tale of one tin solider, writes away

 Mr Posner: You're makin' a mistake.
 Billy Jack:  I've made 'em before.

When I was a tween-ager I fell in love with a movie charachter named Billy Jack.

If you held a gun to my head and demanded me to tell you exactly what it was that Billy Jack did to earn my undying admiration I'd have to tie up my loose ends real quick like..(just sayin)..

I don't remember much about the movie, just that I went out of the theater after watching it feeling somehow different.

Maybe it was the first time I figured out that one person could make a difference.

And the fact that he was really nothing more than just some random goofball, big hat wearing, kung-fu cowboy movie "hero" made no difference to me, I just loved everything about him fighting for his causes(').

(a tid bit from Wikipedia about Billy Jack)

Although marketed as an action film, the story focuses on the plight of Native Americans during the civil rights movement. It attained a cult following among younger audiences due to its youth-oriented, anti-authority message combined with the then-novel martial arts fight scenes which predate the Bruce Lee/kung fu movie trend that soon followed.[4] The centerpiece of the film features Billy Jack, enraged over the mistreatment of his Indian friends, fighting a gang of racist thugs using various hapkido techniques.

So how in the hell can a movie that focuses on the plight of Native Americans during the civil rights movement have anything to do with a buck-tooth, flat chested 12 year old from Dearborn Heights Michigan...


My point is to bring your attention to unlikely folk hero's, one of which, it appears, I've become.

You may remember that not too many months ago I poured my heart out in a post about a horrible experience I had at my favorite (not) grocery store, Kroger's.

It involved some horribly insensitive (rude and obnoxious) treatment from an upper store management (big)head(ed) honcho.

My experience, just like the Billy Jack movie, had a villain who wished to make life miserable for people who were just trying to make their way in the world.

Trying to get a donation.

Trying to earn flow to pay the mortgage and their Netflex accounts...

Little ol regular guy.

The villain of my story, who shall from this moment forward be referred to as "the man" (even though "the man" in my experience is more like a witch with a "b") seems to have quite a supreme power trip goin on.

There are people who are scared to talk to me when I shop there.

They look at security cameras to make sure "the man" isn't watching.

Is a modern day Hitler-esque type personality alive and well and managing my local grocery store...?

How sad...


I believe that the true determination of a person's character is made evident by the way they treat animals, children, servers at a restaurants, and people they may be "in charge" of.

Yes, bosses, supervisors listen you treat your work staff like crap?

Your underlings, like underthings stuck to the souls of your shoes....?

You may intimidate, daunt, browbeat, bully, tyrannize, scare, terrorize, frighten, dishearten, unnerve, subdue, bulldoze (thank you Dictionary) the "little guys" who work under you, but you don't scare me.

(well, those in charge of me at my job do, but this (masterpiece) blog post is not aimed at them)

I have a certain 1st Amendment Right coverin my ass and I'm currently shopping around for a really neat black 10 gallon cowboy hat (the better to block the camera(s)....

I'm armed (and should be considered dangerous) at all times with a thick pad of paper and a good ball point pen (Billy Jack black, of course) and I ain't asskered to use it.



  1. One tin solider rides away. :)
    I haven't seen her yet but when I do I am going to leer at her and maybe even snarle. The man don't have nuthin' on me sistah. :)

  2. Smooches Needless... I appreciate you visiting and your comment (and support)

    We need to stick together at times like these ;-)


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