Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Riding on Sunday....

Sunday afternoon found my children (plus a future child-in-law) and I tooling about town in our sedan, our destination a big boy birthday party about 45 minutes from home.

As we covered miles of pavement it appeared all eyes were on my feet...

and our conversation gathered around my driving skills (or lack of).

"Not only am I getting car sick from her driving I can literally see her foot pumping the brake pedal" my darling Googie complained...

"Just how often do you think she is getting her brakes replaced?" her brother piped in.

Trouble smirked in the back seat and smartly kept his opinion(s) to himself.

"Braking should be a smooth transition" the college graduate informed.

Her soon to be college educated sibling piped in again...." you can't just come up on cars like that and slam on your brakes"....

"Yeah, she slams em on and we end up stopping back too far and then she has to step on the gas to bring us closer.."

"It's a well known fact that women have really crappy depth perception"...

"Watch her, watch how far back she stops".

Hooooo-kay you rotten little bastards see if I take you anywhere else again.

And no, in case you were thinking of asking...there certainly was no ice cream stop on the way home.

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