Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Princess of Quite A Lot.....

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been having a daughter.

When Susan (my sister, the one who doesn't read this blog) got married and began her family I wished for her a daughter as fine as mine to share her life with.

Up on her high horse during her whole pregnancy Susan refused to allow us to learn the sex of her baby in advance... even going so far as threatening the labor/delivery nurse who acted as the ultrasound tech (our good friend Cat did the peeking)... not to tell.

Totally no fun...

When Susan went into labor, fourteen years ago today, it happened to be on the same day as my 20yr high school reunion.

I'd been reluctant to send in the RSVP and the loot for the reunion festivities just knowing something would happen.. something like Daddio flatly refusing to go or Susan going into labor.

You should have seen Daddio dance when I gave him the news that late summer morning that I was headed to the hospital to offer moral support to my sister.

"I will kiss the ground that kid walks on FOR-EVER" Daddio exclaimed "if IT gets me out of going to that stupid reunion".

Susan gave birth about an hour after she got to the hospital, the daughter I had wished for her was finally here and perfect in every single way.

Sometime Susan and I joke that God gave us the wrong daughters.

As Princess of Quite A Lot has grown our sameness has too...

Never more apparent than when the four of us (Susan and I and our daughters) watched a poignant Living Nativity scene played out on stage... as Sue and Goo(gie) wiped tears from their misty eyes the Princess and I took bets on who would crap on stage first... the lamb or the camel...(it was hard to keep ourselves contained).

My young prodigy is quirky (in a good way), she's friendly and fun.

She bakes like a grown up and has been known to eat 4 full sized Reese Peanut Butter Cups in one sitting.

She is getting more beautiful as each day passes (and that is not just on the outside..even though on the outside the boobie fairy has been very very good to her)...

The kid can write too... I've been delighted countless times over the past so many years when Princess has handed me a fancy notebook, an index card, hand writings on a thick paper towel that holds her thoughts and stories and her take on things that not only impress, but truly entertain.

She lives for fart jokes... (a chip off the old auntie block)

And to torture her baby brother... (what else are they good for...??)

Princess of Quite A Lot is crafty... (not only in getting dad to empty his pockets and hand the moolah over to her)

She also makes wallets from colored duct tape and whimsical looking wall decorations from painted cardboard paper towel insides... I have one hanging on my wall now, it looks like metal flowers.

Today also marks the day that Lady Diana Spencer died (the official date for her death is August 31st although Detroit time had it being the 30th) fourteen years ago today.

Princess' Grandfather (my dad) said upon hearing news of Susan's daughter's birth... "One Princess has been taken away and another has just arrived."

She is royally loved in our family and the world is a much nicer place with her in it.. (you should feel her foot massages...)

I can't wait to grow up with her... (not...tee-hee, cause grown ups are really rather boring and they usually never ever bust a gut over poop jokes...so I guess I'll just say I can't wait to make more bets with her about who will poop first... you game Princess?)

In case you're reading (which unlike your stuck up mother, you do)....

I love you loads and bunches Day-non-ney, Princess of Quite A Lot.... Happy 14th Birthday darling, I hope it is as wonderful as you are.


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  1. Dear Sweet PBB: I love this blog and most of all I love you and your quirky sense of life...This is so the princess...And so you !!!! My lovely ganddaughter (the princess) told me that she read the blog and has shared it with everyone...She is so proud of it and sososo proud of you ...As am I!!!!Marmie


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