Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday my great niece turned 2 years old.

And so did this blog.

(photo stolen borrowed from .
americanepali.wordpress dot com)

I never do anything for more than 2 years (cept stay married and mother me sum ungrateful nuttin but leave the nest chil-der-ins)...

I'm quite proud of this accomplishment.

Also that two whole years have passed and not once have I had to write to Blogger to retrieve my password

And in two years I've haven't given up on being a Blog of Note...(the six per day emails I send them haven't gotten any attention just yet... but I'm not giving up)

Two year old's are unpredictable.

And a gas.

Their attention spans are ....


Two year old's are outrageous, throw tantrums, gibberish-ly speak their minds...

can't wait.

Thanks so much for visiting (and Bookmarking / Favorite-ing) this two year old blog... I hope it lives to a ripe old age and when it dies I hope it dies an old blog in a warm book.

PS...this really is a no gift occasion..  however, if you insist.


  1. Happy Blogiversary!!! I so LOVE your blog!! May there be many more years. :0)

  2. Happy blogging anniversary. I hope there are many more ;0)


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