Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not all SuperHeros wear boots...

Yesterday while driving out of our work parking lot heading for home Googie and I saw a car tipped over sideways.

It had slid into a huge drainage ditch.

As we drove by I noticed a young girl in the passenger seat.

I assumed that she was waiting for help and that the driver had probably gone inside our building searching for some.

She had a cell phone to her ear and as we passed and made eye contact I could see that she was crying.

"Stop" I told Googie "let me check on that girl".

When I got to the car I learned that she was alone and very scared.

She'd moved into the passenger seat to prevent weighing down the driver's side and having the car tip over further.

She explained that was on the phone with her mother, who was stuck at home without another vehicle.

I looked around the almost bare parking lot and wondered just how many people passed this girl and her disabled car as they exited the parking lot...?

Hmmm, that kind of crap burns me up.

We are all in this together...right?

I called one of my coworkers to see if he could help.

Within a couple of minutes the doors opened and a posse of about 6 guys came to our rescue.

The guys peeked and pointed, plotted and planned.

It was interesting seeing their thought processes become words/ideas/actions.

They argued and debated creating one scenario after another as to what might happen to the car if they did a, b or c..

Googie offered to sit in the driver's seat to turn the wheel and gun the car as needed.

Finally after a half hour debate and some serious "lets give it our all"  (in some damn ass frigid weather) the guys came to the conclusion that "dis car ain't goin nowhere"...

And a tow truck had to be called.

We had a couple of stops before going home, as we ran our errands Goog and I made small talk with clerks and strangers who were equally screwed during this recent snow/ice/sleet storm aptly named (by my friend) Snowmageddon.

One told tale of being stranded on a freeway and having a truck pull up and it's inhabitants ask if she wanted their help..why, yes of course, she needed some help ... so before the truck driver did a thing he asked her "you got a little something for me...?


The woman telling the story said she offered to pay Mr. Popmous-AssMoFo five dollars, it was all she had in her wallet.

(we think it was money he was asking for...then again, you never know)

Well five bucks wasn't enough for this good Samaritan..so he left her stuck and stranded and went about his merry way to help someone with a bit more to offer him.

When I hear a story like that one thing comes to mind...KARMA.

Just as we were making our second to last stop Googie and I ran into another stuck car...this time there was a young couple inside.

"Mom" Googie said jumping from our parked car "lets do it"...

We are WOMEN (after all) hear us roar...(tee-hee).

So we pushed and we pulled, rocked and rolled and at one point during this courageous rescue Googie looked like she was shaggin...(for those not living in a gawd forsaken frozen wasteland like Michigan at the moment "shaggin" is bumper riding, which is to hang onto a moving car's bumper and "ski" along a patch of ice and/or snow...a "sport" mostly enjoyed by idiots young guys.)

By the time we got that car out, Googie's cute hair was a mess. Her beautiful  red wool coat was dirty and her ballet slipper shoes were covered in snow..

Googie's teeth chattered she was soooo cold.

Later, I lectured her about the importance of a good pair of snow boots, especially valuable while performing SuperHero antics.

She payed me no attention at all.

Snowmageddon 0 Googie 2

Googie's winter foot attire... I was happy she choose to wear these instead of her usual flip flops.


  1. What a neat lesson for you to share with Googie. She learned that it's good to stop to help others. Also, thanks for defining "shaggin'" it means something else other places.

  2. Good for you. And as for the idiot "Good Samaritan" Karma can be a BI**H! Your daughter's choice of winter footwear looks about like my daughters. Even though we are in a warmer climate, she has had several snowstorms in her part of the state, and I'm always on her about her shoes. And thanks for the definition of shaggin - when I had the misfortune to live in the frozen tundra, we called it bumper skiing :) Kat

  3. Ohh Sandra.. do tell, what does "shaggin" mean in your hood?

    I'm hoping it's not like using the word "fanny" in the UK (psst, don't look it up, it's a va-jaja ;-)there)

    Thanks for the visit and the comment! xoxo

  4. Ohhh Karma...sometimes that's all that gets me through a day, kwim?

    Thank you for your visit and your comment!!!!!!!



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