Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy holiday....

I complained once (as a relatively new bride) to my grandmother that a young Daddio didn't bring me things on Valentine's Day.

Things like flowers, candy, cards or jewelry...she told me that she too had married a real romantic guy, one who in many many years of marriage brought her a heart shaped box of candy, once.

She also told me that he never kissed her in public.

Or held her hand when others may be looking.

She told me that one time she asked him why?

"Look at Lina and Jack" she said to him referring to a couple they hung out with "they are always holding hands".

"Lina has to hold his hand to keep it from bustin her in the chops" was my grandfather's response.

I remember asking my grandmother "so you don't care that you don't get presents on Valentines Day and you don't care that your husband won't show his affection for you in public?"

"Your grandfather treats me like a queen" she said "I know it, he knows it, gifts and public affection are for show."

She then went on to school me that I had a good man, who treated me right.

"It's how he cleans off your car, and warms it up in the winter, that's the kind of stuff that matters" she reminded me.

"You tell me how he lays his pay check on the dresser every Friday night and tells you "here's your money" with a big proud, smile on his face."

"And" she added "He chooses to come home to you every night and not stop and blow all his pay at the bar on his way home from work.

"That's the stuff that really counts"

"He is good to you 365 days a year."

"When you have a good man, every day is Valentine's Day" she told me.

So don't ask me tomorrow what I got for Valentine's Day.....Daddio and I don't celebrate :-)

A very private, yet very lovely, love story....
(He agreed to kiss her in public on their 50th wedding anniversary, all those in attendance, blushed)


  1. Thank goodness! I thought that DH and I were the only people in the world who didn't "celebrate" Valentine's Day! Your grandmother = a very, very wise woman. And that picture is too sweet. Kat

  2. The quote, "when you have a good man, every day is Valentine's Day," was so good I had to post it as my facebook status today. Props to grandmother!! What a smart woman:) B.L.

  3. Hey sister you are not alone, there are a lot of us (non romantic) types out there. As for the picture, it sits on my dresser (sans the red heart).

    Thanks for writing.

  4. Hellllo sweet lil momma. I saw your baby bump on FB and was soo excited for you. I also saw your parents the other day, they are so excited too. I had to laugh, your dad is the baby and he is going to be the first grandparent.

    I'm jelly-azz, just so you know! xoxo

    Take good care of yourself sweetheart!

    xoxo Aunt B.

  5. This is so romantic...everyday love and respect for one! I feel I have that, so I am very lucky. I also had a bunch of flowers arrive at work...that never happens, and it was to congratulate me on winning an award for fundraising for a very important charity to me. I did not expect anything as it didn't occur to me that it was a flower occasion. That mean so much!


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