Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well the sky fell a bit, but nothing like the Chicken Little weather forcasters here in Michigan said it would.


Who cares... I have a snow day and not a damn thing to do...unless you count cleaning, laundry and some serious television watching.  other stuff that I'm sure I can find around here to do.

Looking out the window this morning had me thinking of all the fun the kids and I used to have on snow days.

I miss them being little...what I don't miss is seeing them pull out of the driveway with snowboards strapped to the hood of their car and thoughts of how their pearl colored bones would look sticking out of the skin of their (used to be) perfect legs when they slipped off those horrible boards and took an unexpected tumble down a  huge mountain of snow and ice.

Head first of course...

Be still my beating heart...(dos days be over).

The Sweet Prince Buttercup experiencing his first big snow.

No, this is not Randy ("he laid there like a slug, it was his only defense") from A Christmas's darling Googie, ready for the hills. She just oozes pink, doesn't she?

Where the hell are these poor children's hats and gloves? 
(It was all a ploy to get them back into the house faster.)

Bear and his snow parents.

Okay... times have changed. My babies have grown and the couple still hanging out in Daddio's and my nest have no interest in playing outside in the snow with their mommy...what does a former Entertainment Committee President do with all that extra time on her hands on an official snow day...?

Why she takes her other kid out to play...

As you can tell...we had loads of fun. ;-)

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