Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pants on fire.....

This post is a themed writing project challenge taken from Jenny Matlock over at off on my tangent.
Jenny says we can use UP to 100 words to tell a story.
It can be fact or fiction. Jenny posts a few words, a prompt that we work from. This weeks prompt is in bold italics.

Why didn’t you answer my call? Mona asked twirling her wedding band.

“I was in a meeting” Pin’s eyes squinted as he answered.

“An all DAY MEETING???” Mona voice rose as the sentence continued, “I RANG YOUR CELL AT LEAST 36 TIMES!!!!

Mona sniffed Pin‘s collar “YOOOOU SMELL LIKE PERFUME!!!” she accused.

“I SMELL LIKE THE BATHROOM SOAP!!!!” Pin defended himself gathering Mona tight to his chest.

Gently, cautiously he whispered comforting, caring words.

Momentarily smoothing her feelings and suspicions.

Out of the corner of her eye Mona saw a shadow,

It was growing bigger by the minute...

Pinocchio!!!” Mona screeched “Where were you today???


  1. Very interesting...and the shadow was?...

  2. Dang you!
    Coffee on my monitor!


  3. Oh dear, I don't think I should bother today as this was quite possibly the most perfect story for the prompt!

  4. Busted! Loved your use of the prompt, it was perfect. And I love the title. Although it would be bad if a little wooden boy's pants caught on fire, wouldn't it tee hee!

  5. Loved the cleverness of Pinocchio being in the story, ha, ha, ha.

  6. Oh yes and so very clever with the prompt! I also am a fan of long noses on wooden dolls!

  7. Pin's in a world of trouble now! Good job!

  8. Very clever and nicely told too! I like it. :-)

  9. Interesting take on the prompt. Here I go again - not sure what to write and will probably participate again but not sure with what yet. I'll probably continue Geri's story if I get to it but need to concentrate on my state stories first - need to edit so I can get the next in the series published soon (with events popping up all over the place now, I need books - lol). Interesting how you took this to the romantic side - I'm guessing that Cherie (if she hasn't already posted) could use this in her "suspense" she started last week - lol. Well off to read the other postings - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  10. Ha!!! Sooo very clever! Great take on the prompt!

  11. Oh my gosh I had to read that twice - It was AWESOME!!

  12. You're so imaginative. This was a lot of fun.

  13. Oops, that nose thing will blow your cover every time!


    PS. Really fun.

  14. Haha. I loved that. great job. Always wondered what ole pin was up to these days. apparently no good.

  15. Brilliant and funny too! Very original idea. Glad I found you!

  16. Creative and clever. Nice twist at the end!
    Donna V.

  17. Brilliant...Pin is for some earful now...not to mention the wooden boy...where they together by any chance?

  18. Totally unexpected and I gave a loud belly laugh at the end....what a surprise!

  19. OMGosh that was a good laugh...excellent job !

  20. That can mean only one thing.....

  21. I am having trouble with the link that I left on Jenny's blog. Try this one instead:
    Anna's SC-wk 40 2nd try to link


  22. LOL! So busted! What a marvelous take on the prompt! Well done!

  23. Liar Liar Pants on fire! I do so hate a cheater!~Ames

  24. Winners never cheat and cheaters better not end up married to that Bobbitt woman of some years back!

    Thanks for sharing such a creative use of this prompt.

    This was a great read!


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