Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm deep in the trenches....

of January hum-drum.

I'm like a blob of nothingness.

A frozen dead tree stump.

Feeling a smidgen of depression creepin in.

Smack dab in the middle of good ol January and I have yet to do anything toward my New Year's Resolutions.

Okay that's a lie.

I didn't make any resolutions, since I knew I'd never keep them if I did.

So I guess I have kept my non-resolutions.

Still though, January is the perfect time to rearrange your cupboards and clean your closets.

Well, in my fantasy world, it's the perfect time.

Dreams and motions are two different things friends.

In the trenches of January hum-drums my world is viewed through a pair of baby poop colored glasses.

Thick, yellowish green Grey Poop-on (yeah, I know it's Poupon) mustard ev-ery-thang...

In the middle of my January hum-drums I see filth in my house, a mess in my checkbook.

More wrinkles on my mug than a pug dog.

I'm also beyond tired of seeing those horrible smokers lines (I don't smoke) around my lips, deep lines that look like I'm puckering for a smooch (which I'm not).

My lipstick somehow defies gravity and moves upward into the vertical cracks where it stays and makes me look like a four year old who played in her mother's make-up...or a washed up movie star.

Poop colored, everything.

What brings a person out of this type of funkytown wallow...?

I was trying so hard to think of what might do it when Bear walked into the room.

"Hi" he said cheerfully "how are you?"

(wtf...? it's 6:11 am)

"uh, I gotta tell you somethin.." he continued.

"Is it bad?" I say quickly "I can't hear bad. It's too early for bad".

"I got a ticket last night" he admitted "a ticket for 5 over".

"the cop said it won't hurt our insurance"

" five over won't hurt anything"

"the one and only ticket I got was over 2 years ago"

"I will pay for this".....he declared.

Well a sure fire way to get yourself out of a January hum-drum.

And feel a zest for life once again.

Nothing quite like a blood rush to your head, a pounding heart, and some rapid gasping breaths to let you know...

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those damn kids.

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  1. I can relate to the funk. I think maybe making one small goal and doing it might get the ball rolling. :o) One closet? Sorry about the ticket. That is no good! Thank you for your comments you leave on my blog. You made me feel better about my holiday treats. :o)


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