Saturday, July 3, 2010

To do.....

Saturday Centus time, a themed writing meme. The challenge is to write 100 words to add to the prompt started by Jenny Matlock from off on my tangent.

The writing prompt is in itallics...

The surgeon looked uncomfortable as I peppered him with questions and thoughts.

“What will the recovery be like?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Pretend I'm your wife, or your sister."

“What would your advice be to them?”

He hesitated, then said “You’re 79 years old, is this surgery really necessary?”

I pretended to weigh my options, even though I knew what I was going to do.

"Are you sure that's the one you want?"

I felt a little lump in my throat as I peered down at my choice, held tightly in my hand. I didn't think this would be so nerve-wracking. Was I making the wrong decision? I couldn't agonize over this any longer.

I took a deep breath before managing to say, "... Yes, it is

“May I borrow your pen?” I asked opening my pocketbook.

I unfolded the tattered list and crossed off #98...

Acquire a set of 38 DD's.

Only two remaining.

Purchase long beige overcoat.

Locate Fabio.


  1. AMAZING!! This brought a huge grin to my face this morning... :)

  2. What an interesting creative and a bit humorous. Good one!

  3. Ha! I felt so motivated, I joined in this week too!

  4. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! EXCELLENT!!! Clever and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HA, you could have saved all the can have mine! Try packing them around before you decide you really want to cross it off that list :)

    Great and funny addition to the prompt!

  6. OMG, too funny. Now what's she going to do with that beige overcoat and Fabio, ha.

  7. Absolutely loved this! =D

    By the way, if you decide to head over and read my Centus, you'll need to scroll down past my 4th of July post to see it. I'm doing double duty today.


  8. That is brilliant whats number 100? Happy 4th July

  9. Wow! Great really suckered me in...Peace

  10. Oh my GOSH! That was hysterical! I LOVED it! :0)

  11. Wonderfully sweet twist at the end! Great job!

  12. Hilarious! Simply hilarious.

  13. Love your imagination. Very funny!

  14. You got me! I didn't expect that at all! What a great post.

  15. This just cracked me up. What a great take on this week's prompt. But you really need to write a story about crossing off the next two items, what on earth do you plan on doing with a long overcoat and Fabio LOL! Kat

  16. Way to go, girlfriend! Never too old for the "necessities" of life! :)

    I was late with my submission this week, but I hope you will stop by and read it!


  17. Love, love, love this! Clever, clever, clever! Really cool. Love your twist girl!

  18. You made me laugh out loud. What a hilarious surprise. Great job.


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