Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A baby's brain and an old man's heart.....

The lazy days of a summer vacation probably should be over for my just graduated son.

He's chomping at the bit to get on with his life...get a decent job, begin college.

He's also suggested that maybe he'd take a year off before starting college....

Ummm, no.

"18, he gets confused everyday."

His cousin left for the Marines and his oldest friend is scheduled to leave for Camp Lejeune in December.
"I'm a boy and I'm a man."
Yesterday, I was brain dead slumped in Daddio's Lazy Boy watching some cheesy made for tv goofball movie when he and his buddy walked in.
They both wore shit-eatin grins on their faces.
"What the heck is up with you two?" I asked
"Just passin thru" my man-child answered.
"I'm in the middle without any plans"
They went upstairs, downstairs, outside.
Then, inside, upstairs, downstairs, outside.
Didn't take long, they were out the front door.
 "Seeeeee ya ma" my kid yelled.
"Well I gotta get out of this place
I'll go runnin' in outer space, yeah, yeah"
A bit later my boy came home alone.
"What'd you guys end up doing?" I asked
"We bought an air horn and went to a golf course" he said.
"You should see how pissed off the guys get when they're just about to tee off and we blow the horn"
I try hard to stifle my giggles.
"You're going to get your assed kicked one of these days" I warn.
"Yeah, there was one guy who got pretty mad, he was yelling at us." he admitted.
"Did you take off then?" I asked.
"Nah, we blew the horn at him so all we could see was his mouth moving".
Never in your life will you be 18 again....
Oh how I wish that weren't true.
I think I'd give just about anything to be 18 again...(but only for one day.)
"I'm a boy and I'm a man

I'm eighteen and I like it
Yes I like it, oh I like it, love it, like it, love it
Eighteen, eighteen

Yes I like it, oh I like it, love it, like it, love it
Eighteen, eighteen
I'm eighteen and I like it " ~ Alice Cooper


  1. I laughed so hard when i saw your blog. It is my son's 18th today and we had a sticker with the lyrics to 18 made and put on the car window. I loved the song then, but now I see how darn true it all is! Good luck with yours!


  2. Oh yeah Karen...we've got some fun ahead of us....thanks for the comment!!! :-)


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