Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Put me down....

I took a week off from the Funny Farm.

 I needed a rest.

 And my house is a sty.

And summer is passing me by, again.

The loveables, the other staff and I have been busy...busier than usual.

I agreed we'd take a "catering job" which entailed preparing food for an extra 50 people every day for eight days straight.

Thank God....last Thursday wrapped that extra duty up.

I am no caterer.

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

Or something to that effect.

One of the loveables, a pint sized strong man who goes around picking people up picked me up the other day.

He came up behind me and threw his arms around my arms and up I went...feet dangling in the air.

50 year old feet dangling.

In the air...

I'm pretty sure I laughed at first...I think I was so caught off guard and shocked that that was my first emotion.

Then I hollered "PUUUUT ME DOWN!!!!"

One of my coworkers was standing near and ordered him to "LET HER GO!!!"

When my feet were planted firmly on the ground once again I had a strange thought....

My own boys have picked me up before...and when ordered to "put me down" they respected me and did as I said.

When my brother did it, and didn't put me down I elbowed him in the ribs and donkey kicked him in the nuts...he dropped me, then ran like hell.

Okay so while I didn't feel threatened...I also didn't feel the respect that I should be gettting from this youth.

So how to handle something like that???

If I had ordered him to put me down, and the other staff hadn't been in the room to order him as well...I wonder how long the "game" would have gone on???

He has no idea I used to pound my siblings into the ground.

They knew one thing about my fighting style...

God help and pity the fool who takes her off her feet.

The plea "self defense" worked before...

I have no doubt it will work again.


  1. Dear PPB: I wonder if this isn't a sign of great affection from your"thug" If memory serves my son used to lift me up as high as he could while crooning "my leetle mommy"..If so then you have been honored and adored in the only way possible for him????I am sure your reaction was not one of anger, knowing you, but one of gentle yelling... That being the case he surely felt he had given you some LOVE...MM

  2. Dear PBB: I hope that was just a way to express "love". I had a son (as you know) who would pick me up and yell "my leetle mommy" in my ear. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I know it is sometimes difficult for many boys to say what they feel and they turn to physical demonstrations to show us how strongly they feel for us...I know you and I also know that your words were not harshly said. I'll bet he doesn't try that again..But I know you didn't hurt his "lettle heart"...Love your caring for your THUGS....and I love you ...Mom


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