Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The "F" word......

Food.... is the bain of my existence.

It's a love hate kind of thing.

Since I was a little girl I've loved to cook, or maybe it is feeding people that I like.

Food is love you know.

Daddio has been known to say that I lured him into a relationship with me by feeding him some delicious fried chicken.

He claims that once I hooked him, I never made it like that again.

His description of the bone dry chicken has me thinking that it was horribly overcooked and over seasoned and that once I figured out how to do it properly I was never able to duplicate the mistake.

When I was expecting the Sweet Prince Buttercup I wanted Daddio to support my decision to nurse. I told him all kinds of horrible things about baby formula.

He was all on board.

His support was especially apparent when he would give me a shove at 12 am and 2am and 4am and 6 am to let me know the baby was crying and I (or rather my boob) was being summoned.

Daddio likes to eat too...a lot.

He will gladly tell you that he nearly starves to death every weekend, when were not on a schedule.

I do feed him about every two hours, just like a newborn.

I've even offered to try and get him an IV that could pump the food 24/7...that's the kind of good wife that I am.

Yeah...Daddio likes to eat, but he doesn't like to cook.

Once when the kids were small I left them with him to attend a bridal shower.

I'd planned to be gone only a couple of hours, but it drug on and on (like they alllllways seem to do) and I was gone for the better part of the afternoon.

When I got home the gang was waiting for me...they were pale and lethargic.

"I thought we were going to starve to death" Daddio said.

The kids just whimpered.

Too weak to lift their tiny heads.

"We ate bread" Daddio continued.


"All you fed them all day was the entire loaf of bread?" I asked holding up the empty bag.

Oh brother.

At work I'm all about food too.

Planning menus, grocery shopping, feeding hungry people.

Food is love you know.

Tonight, after I'd filled the coffee pot (with some liquid food) and plugged in the cell phones I decided to write the kids a note and tell them goodnight.

"Your mama loves you" I wrote.

I added x's and o's and little bubbly hearts.

This morning when I went for my coffee I could see a note sitting next to the pot.

I grabbed my coffee and the note.

I expected to see some expression of love.

And I guess I did.

It read.....

Hugo (the hamster) needs food.

Haley (the cat) needs food.

Trouble (Googie's other half) needs food.

Food is love you know.

And dammit...

I AM LOVED..... ;-)

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