Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our dirty lil bar of soap.....

"Have you noticed that if you haven't got something to worry about, you make something up to worry about?"~ My Dad

Okay, so I guess my mind was getting a bit too uncluttered and that means that obviously it's time for a new obsession.

Somehow Googie and I got on the subject of bar soap verses soft soap.

"I think it's disgusting that we all use the same bar of soap" she said, sitting pretty on her high horse.

Suddenly I remembered watching a comedian do a routine about shared bar soap. I was a teenager at the time and when the comedian joked about the whole family sharing the bar he talked about how he could envision his sister taking the soap bar and using it to wash her nether region...then he jumps in the shower after her and grabs the bar and washes his face, he then swipes his ass (I'm quoting here) and leaves the bar for his dad.

I was on the floor laughing...it was hysterical.

Then I thought of my own dirty baby brother...probably just a stinky tween at that time.

He'd purposefully wash his rear with the bare bar soap.

Then laugh like hell when Susan or I used the shower after him.

I know he did this, I just know it.

I remember after watching this comedian that I had little trust that that bar of soap was safe to use. I remember knocking it off the side of the tub and into the water using my toes. I'd rinse it with hot water, before I'd even touch it. Then I'd pick it up and rinse it off again just to be safe. I used a wash cloth and never again used the soap naked.

Until I had my own children.

Then things got a little crazy.

So I admit I don't really remember if I washed all their faces first and then did their butts???

However, my memories of early child rearing have me doing everything beyond perfect sooooooo,

I'm quite sure I used three bars of soap and three sanitized wash cloths to do the job.

Of course I did faces first, for sure. I know it, I just do.

So if I'm remembering things in perfect, they all have been taught to hot rinse the bar before using, and to only lather up on their hands and then apply the soap to the sanitized wash cloth and proceed from there.

Keeping the bar as clean and sanitary as possible.

Okay who in the hell am I kidding?

Soft soap in a pump can be expensive...of course you can buy the cheap stuff, (if you want to itch like a dog with fleas) or you can decide to go el natural.

I can picture it now....

"MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! There's no soap in here!!!!"


*Edited to add...

Googie, looks like (money well spent) our recent college grad found a solution to our little problem....

Enjoy your day :-)

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