Monday, June 28, 2010

Outta my Monday moanin' mind

Out of My Monday Moanin’ Mind

Scott from Scooter Chronicles had this to say about the late, great Bob Talbert (who's title I have stolen and changed just a tad)...
"He was a columnist for the Detroit Free Press. Originally from the south (he referred to himself as “Bubba”), he took the Detroit area by storm with his witty articles. Every Monday morning, his column was titled like my post. It was just a bunch of random thoughts. And it was geared to moaning about it being Monday again. Just about every other Monday, I think about that title. Talbert died in 1999, and I know a lot of people in Detroit that still miss him."
I hate Mondays...when I was a stay at home, I loved Mondays.
Monday was the day life went back to normal.
The daddy was working, the kids were in school, and I had my weary from the weekend ass parked on the couch.
Don't get me wrong, I didn't just lay there and veg all day, I grazed on chips and cookies and worked the remote control.
Then around 2:30 I'd get into gear and power clean the palace. Toss on a batch of gourmet HamburgerHelper and call it a "busy, tiring day".
My sister (now a stay at home) has dubbed Monday The Best Day Ever...that is until Christmas vacation or summer hits...then Monday becomes just another day catering to another person's needs or whims (or maybe it's a lot of other people's needs or whims, as is my case).

So just like every other working stiff...I now have to call the weekend The Best Day(s) Ever.
Anyway, my restful weekend brought about some interesting things...
1. I may be The Food Whisperer, my macaroni sent this. Everybody should know...  I always say food is love, and now I have proof, picture proof.
2. Bananas for baby monkeys...
It's a sin to waste food....just yesterday Googie's grandmother sent her home a mini banana. It was about as big as a fat finger. "It is real?" she asked.
3. I decided to live life on the edge and paint my nails an unusual (for me) color.....
Daddio didn't like my nail choice much and said that I looked like a reptile...
"A reptile? I asked "How so?"
I wasn't the greatest of students...and it is entirely possible that while we were studying different species of living creatures in Science class that I somehow was too busy watching a squirrel bury acorns, or a tiny spider spinning a web to take note of orange nailed reptiles....but you know, I trust my darling Daddio.
And so this morning I Googled Repitles with colored nails....some interesting crap came up...
Not anything nearly as interesting though as the time I Googled "Dicks" for the sporting goods store.
"Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time" ~ Monday Monday, by The Mamas and the Papas

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  1. Ooh, loving the reptilian nail colour! Would look good on toes too, peeping through summer sandals.

    "Not anything nearly as interesting though as the time I Googled "Dicks" for the sporting goods store" - this made me ROAR with laughter. Reminds me of a rather confusing moment talking about 'fannies' with my husband - English to American lost in translation :)


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