Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My baby boy and a couple of his friends are heading off to Cedar Point today.

Cedar Point is a huge amusement park in Ohio.

I worry about them driving that far.

And going on the Roller Coasters…those things can (and do) scramble brains.

You’d probably have to have some brains in order for them to get scrambled though wouldn’t you?

Something about sitting in a creaky old bucket car seat, being strapped in using a tattered thread barren belt with a faulty buckle…..

Add a hundred more of those “seats” and to each seat add another brainless daredevil.

Haul the contraption up the side of a mountain. balance it on skinny tracks that don’t look worthy to hold a bike tire and then hurl it, using the powerful force of gravity, down the other side of the mountain…

Ain’t what I’d call fun.

No sir.

I like having my two feet planted squarely on the ground.

And my brains, unscrambled.
Sometimes though, that isn't possible and you have to take the ride.
Yes, sometimes you are forced to get on that damned roller coaster, forced to hear that tick tick ticking, going up going up going up, knowing that everything that goes up eventually comes down and vicey versey.  
So you hang on for dear life and close your eyes tight and have faith that somehow..somehow you are going to make it to the bottom and back to regular with your feet planted firmly and safely on the ground.
You will be in one piece and without permanent damage....!!!

Is this a guarantee?????
(Think I could get it in writing?)


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